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An invitation and an announcement

I love this moment of the year. Even if it’s “the heart of Winter”, I can feel a change in the air. The days are longer, and there is an anticipation of Spring that I cannot explain, but I feel deep inside. It’s funny how my body responds to this moment. As soon as the Winter starts, I gain a couple of kilos (4 - 5 lbs) and there is nothing I can do to lose them until the end of January.

But on February 1, and independently from what I ate the day before, the scale starts showing that I’m losing the weight I put on in the first part of the Winter. I keep saying to myself that I don’t need this “Winter extra weight”, but obviously my body responds to Nature more than to my will.

The celebration of this passage, known as Imbolc in the ancient Celtic tradition (and celebrated on February 1), is always a good opportunity to enjoy the awakening of our senses. Even if our lifestyle is not affected by the cycle of the seasons as it was until a few decades (maybe a century) ago, we can keep enjoying our deep, inner connection with Nature, and celebrate it with a couple of very simple actions preparing us for the coming Spring.

It can be anything that makes you feel the awakening of your senses, like putting some drops of your favourite essential oil in your bath water, or gift yourself with a massage, or with a spontaneous dance dedicated to the awaking of Nature. Something simple, that your body can perceive like an invitation to reactivate its functions.

Remember, I also have a background as a bodyworker and a movement teacher, and for me the quote “Our Body is our Temple” is not a metaphor, but definitively a fact, showing us a path.

Our body is the keeper of secrets related to our spiritual awakening because what we call “spirituality” is related to our inner experience of the world. So, also the sentence “know Thyself and you’ll know the Universe and the Gods” sounds definitively practical to me.

This is the reason why I would love to share with you my daily routines-rituals, that I perform with even more care at the beginning of February.

If you subscribed to my newsletter on after January 10th 2020, you already got a video about that, because I added a link to the “thank you for subscribing” email.

But after I did that, I realized I would love to share more videos.

So, in order to share more videos, I created a new website, which is dedicated to mind-body connections and balance. The features of that website allow me to host “videocasts” (also called “vodcasts”).

I strongly believe in sharing tools and practical knowledge that enable us to make our life lighter and happier, and this is what guides me to find ways to improve the way I share my knowledge and experiences with you and with people on my same wavelength.

On I created a video channel, visible only to those who subscribe to the newsletter, and so I am inviting you to take action and subscribe there too in order to get all the video updates.

The reason I’m doing this is that I love to share free content. So I'll keep sharing written posts on this blog and website, that is, and in addition I will share every month an exclusive video for those who follow me also on

As soon as you subscribe to the newsletter (by filling the lightbox popping up as soon as you visit the website, or the fields you find at the bottom of any page), you will receive an email with the link to the video in which I unveil the three simple and effective “secrets”, very useful especially in this period of the year. I apologize if you are receiving the same video two times, and I promise that you will get a new video very soon.

If you don’t like to watch videos, or if you don’t want to also subscribe to the newsletter, please write me at mo.canducci@com and ask me to simply send you the three secrets. You don’t need to give me a reason or any explanation. Just ask me to share my secrets with you, and I will do so.

I am committed in giving a good service by sharing inspirations, insights, achievements and useful practical suggestions by using different tools (including videocasts) at best, and so from now on I will share content on both my websites in order to distinguish different aspects of my work in a way that looks more clear to me, and hopefully to you too.

For me, this is also a way to celebrate this moment of the year, bringing to light something new and making it more visible for everybody. Enjoy!

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