"Monica has a unique and deep understanding of the body, mind, spirit connection. She brings great compassion and understanding into her broad spectrum of healing techniques, which is what makes her so deeply helpful."

Evelyn Hart, Ballerina (Royal Winnipeg Ballet), Professional Trainer & Coach


Thanks because you gave me the opportunity to know myself through my body and achieve a new level of freedom. I feel reborn and my attitude in life has changed for the better.

All women should have this experience, through embodiment, of how much happier their lives can be. Thanks again!"

Pilar Ottoz, Anchorwoman at RAI - Italian National Television

I am grateful to Monica because thank to her support, guidance and fantastic programs, I've changed important things in my life while facing huge challenges.

Right now I realize that for years I lived in a continuous state of emergency.

Thank to the work I've done with Monica, I was able to create the space I needed to replace the state of emergency with a state of freedom - to which I was aspiring but which I had never even touched before working with her. Through her program I regained so much energy that my life started flowing smoothly again, energy that now I can use to nourish myself, and to create and build something new. I am finally experiencing the well-being, fulfillment, and peace, that I've had completely forgotten. Thanks, Monica!

Laila Melappioni, Researcher and Creator of MOVEMENT RESEARCH - Between Dance and Awareness

Monica is an authentic, multi-skilled and super-talented teacher.  I don’t have enough words to do her justice. 


This year she’s become even more of a beacon of light for others in the world, and I was lucky to partake of her Program for women in transition.

I highly recommend her teachings, which consolidate what matters most in life. If, like me, you’ve not felt grounded on this planet (away with the fairies!), then Monica offers a variety of pathways to be here in our precious body.

P. Hope, Author & Artist of Life

Monica's program has helped me to gain a better connection with my body's needs while at the same time helping me to gain a more clear focus upon my material goals. Through this, I have learned a more organic approach to manifestation towards the abundance in life I wish to achieve. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to find balance between their thinking mind and practical body with their energetic body and spiritual self. The techniques herein are simply yet affective - Very powerful! 

Kindra Gravenreuth, Author, Inspirer & Cemetery Photograph

“The work with Monica has been a wonderful journey of awareness that brought me to feel free in my body, soul and mind. Her Program has helped set me free from my perceived limitations and sense of insecurity. 

Monica has been able to help  me  see and understand aspects of myself I wasn't aware of, leading me to a deep and revolutionary life-changing transformation."

Catia Domaine, Personal Trainer, fitness & wellness instructor

“The work with Monica is an empowering life changing journey for all those women who are dealing with life transitions."

Nori Bortoluzzi, Interior Designer

"Monica is part magic, part mystic, part fairy... and all passion!

Join her on a journey that will take you to the other side."

Boogie Lapinsky Anaya, Writer, Project Manager & Consultant


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