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"Monica Canducci is one of today's most respected inspirational authors, movement coaches & trainers, healing facilitators, speakers  and teachers highly acknowledged internationally in the field of self-development through the practice of mind-bodyfulness. Advisor to show business stars and VIPs worldwide and coach for those who look for spiritual guidance, Monica is also an acknowledge artist and performer who loves to define herself an "enlightening enter-trainer".  Daily Press, December 2018 (Monica Canducci, unlocking the treasures within - by Kathy Colace) 


As a trans-disciplinary teacher and artist integrating different areas of expertise, I am always committed to exploring the connections between human structure, movement, psychological states and the world of metaphors, symbols and archetypes  in order to help people achieve healing, wellbeing, happiness and self-realization.

I am a Certified Rolfer™ and Rolf Movement practitioner, a Morales Method® Certified Instructor and the creator of the Move In Mind™ method, based on the power of visualization and mental imagery in nervous system rewiring. 


For over 30 years I have been working with healers, shamans, medicine men and women, teachers and masters belonging to established spiritual lineages, all from different parts of the world. I have been connected with different spiritual traditions - from Judaism to Sufism and Buddhism, from Paganism to Native Algonquin wisdom - receiving specific initiations, and above all, learning to open my mind and heart beyond appearances and labels.

Among my teachers I love to remember two extraordinary women and healers, Ai-Tchourek Ojun (Moonheart), Shaman from Tuva, and Habiba Abrudaimova, Sufi healer from Uzbekistan. I was blessed by their presence in my life and by their teachings.


From Habiba, with whom I studied 3 years, I received spiritual transmission to support people in their healing journey. 

Integrating my background in science and my ability to gather information from the invisible dimension of consciousness through my intuition, I am constantly exploring the amazing interconnections between the visible and the unseen sides of life from both a spiritual and a scientific perspective.

My work aims to "unveil enlightening connections" through the art of connecting the dots. I help others discover the hidden connections between thoughts, emotions, their body structure and their environmental responses (what is happening in their life), to improve the quality of their health, relationships and life in general. 

Through the language of metaphors, symbols and archetypes, and instruments like Astrology and the Tarot, I unveil a bridge between intuition and rationality, as well as between the tangible and spiritual dimensions of being, promoting self-knowledge, awareness, healing, harmony and balance.


I enable others to use their inner resources effectively for optimal health, wealth, success and happiness. My interventions are always punctuated by humour and positivity to make people feel uplifted. 


I was born in Italy and moved to Montreal (QC, Canada) in 2012. I often refers to myself as a 'traveler on the Path of Integration', which is a Path leading to the full realization of one’s inner potential, in harmony with the surrounding world. On this Path, I consider the body to be the instrument for spiritual experience, and Nature as the patient teacher providing guidance along the way. In fact, I perceive the body as the sacred instrument through which we can realize and manifest our spiritual nature. 


The body is a precious instrument through which we can give a shape to the changes we want to create in our lives. This is the reason why I love to teach the symbolism of the human body through movement and dance, in order to help people free themselves from limiting habits and attitudes, so that they can facilitate the manifestation of their true self through breathing and movement re-patterning.


I also love to use my skills as an entertainer, because I love to create awareness through fun and lightness. I believe in the power of humor, and this is the reason why I define myself an "enlightening enter-trainer" meaning both a trainer whose teaching style is also aimed at entertaining, and an entertainer who teaches through fun. Above all, I believe that by increasing self awareness, we can improve the quality of our connections with our own environment, contributing in the creation of a better world.


Dance is my favourite means of expression, through which I aim to transmit harmony, balance, peace and awareness - in order to help people achieve the state of presence, bliss and flow that I experience constantly while dancing. I am known in the entertainment world as “the Dancing Fairy" since I loves to bring light and lightness into people's life, helping them find the "gifts" which are hidden in every life experience.  

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