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I am also the author of several books bout self-development and healing, you can find them HERE.

I was born in Italy and relocated to Canada in 2012, then to California in 2022.

As a trans-disciplinary teacher and coach combining different areas of expertise, I am always committed to exploring the connections between human structure, movement, and psychological states. I love to integrate my artistic, scientific, and spiritual backgrounds to help people experience well-being, happiness, mind-body-spirit balance, healing, fulfillment, and self-actualization.


My clients and students call me "the Guiding Star" and the “Dancing Fairy” because by following my Courses they feel lightened, enlightened, supported, revived, and they begin to experience life as a joyful dance. 


During the 80s, to deepen my knowledge in the fields of anthropology, symbology, and ancient healing traditions, I began combining the studies of Hermeticism, Astrology, Kabbalah, and Alchemy with practical work alongside other healers, shamans, medicine men and women, teachers and masters belonging to consolidated spiritual lineages from around the world.  You can meet some of them in this article taken from my Blog.

My vision of spirituality is practical and relates to daily life perfectly. I believe we can define "spiritual development" as practicing awareness, presence, and respect in our daily lives.


Every action we take to better understand ourselves, express our hidden resources and talents, improve the connection to our true selves, and our relationships with others and our environment, is about "spirituality".

I often refer to myself as a traveler on 'the Path of Healing and Integration', which is a healing path leading to the full realization of one’s inner potential in harmony with the surrounding world.

On this path, I consider the heart as the door to our Spiritual Essence, the body as the instrument for our spiritual experience, and Nature as the patient teacher providing us guidance along the way. 

The body is the sacred instrument through which we can realize and manifest our true spiritual nature, and the precious instrument through which we can shape the changes we want to create in our lives, freeing ourselves from limiting patterns, habits, and attitudes, and also from all the obstacles preventing us from living a fulfilling life..

Above all, I believe that by increasing self-knowledge, self-awareness, and presence, we can improve the quality of our connections with our own environment, contributing to the creation of a better world.

My work is heart-centered, somatic-based, and spiritually-oriented.

It aims to help people achieve mind-body-spirit alignment, balance, and integration, and unlock the magic of life. They learn how to connect to their deepest resources by unveiling the "enlightening connections" between their thoughts, emotions, body structure, and environmental responses (what is happening in their lives) so that they can improve the quality of their health, relationships, and life in general terms, experiencing fulfillment.

You can easily access my work through my books, free resources, and online courses. If you have doubts about what course you should choose, you can contact me and I'll be happy to answer your questions.


"Monica Canducci is one of today's most respected inspirational authors, transformational life coaches, teachers and healing facilitators, highly acknowledged internationally in the field of self development and transformation. Advisor to show business stars and VIPs worldwide, and for those who look for spiritual guidance, Monica is also an acknowledged artist and performer who loves to define herself an "enlightening enter-trainer". 

- Daily Press, December 2018 (Monica Canducci, Unlocking the treasures within - by Kathy Colace)

I am a 58-year-old author, embodied spirituality teacher, artist, and Transformational Life Coach committed to supporting individuals in their journey toward mind-body-spirit balance and awareness. 

I describe myself as a Renaissance woman of present times, able to integrate science and spirituality, and gifted with a rare intuition allowing me to “connect the dots” between the different areas and dimensions of existence. 

I am a Certified Rolfer, a HeartMath Certified Practitioner, a Morales Method® Certified Instructor, a Certified Transformation, Mindfulness, and Spiritual Coach, and the creator of Move-In Mind™ method.


Beginning in the 1990s, I have studied neuroscience, hypnosis, yoga, meditation, martial arts, dance, and several healing practices from different parts of the world, constantly exploring the interconnections between body structure, thoughts, and emotions from both a scientific and a spiritual perspective. 

Monica Canducci
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