"Monica Canducci is one of today's most respected inspirational authors, movement coaches & trainers, healing facilitators, speakers  and teachers highly acknowledged internationally in the field of self-development through the practice of self-knowledge and mind-bodyfulness. Advisor to show business stars and VIPs worldwide and for those who look for spiritual guidance, Monica is also an acknowledge artist and performer who loves to define herself an "enlightening enter-trainer". 

Daily Press, December 2018 (Monica Canducci, unlocking the treasures within - by Kathy Colace) 


As a trans-disciplinary teacher combining different areas of expertise, Monica is always committed to exploring the connections between human structure, movement, psychological states and the world of symbols and archetypes. Inspired by the model of the 'Renaissance individual, (polymath) she loves to integrate her artistic, scientific and spiritual background in order to help people achieve wellbeing, happiness, mind-body balance, healing and self-realization.

Monica is a  Certified Rolfer™ & Rolf Movement practitioner, a Morales Method® Certified Instructor and the creator of the Move In Mind™ method, based on the power of visualization and mental imagery in nervous system rewiring. 


She was born in Italy and moved to Canada in 2012. Since the 80s, in order to deepen her researches in the field of symbols and ancient traditions, Monica has been combining the study of Hermeticism, Astrology, Kabbalah and Alchemy with practical work with healers, Shamans, Medicine Men and Women, teachers and masters belonging to spiritual consolidated lineages from different parts of the world, receiving specific initiations. 

Among her teachers she loves to mention the Sufi Master Maulana Shaykh Nazim from whom she started receiving life-changing teachings in 1995; and two extraordinary women and healers, Ai-Tchourek Ojun (Moonheart), Shaman from Tuva, and Habiba Abrudaimova, Sufi healer from Uzbekistan. 


From Habiba, with whom she studied between 2002 and 2006, Monica received spiritual transmission enabling her to support people in their healing journey. 

Following the directions and teachings she received from Habiba, Monica lately approached the work of Bhola Nath Banstola, who was initiated into traditional Nepalese Shamanism at a very young age and carries the family shamanic lineage of his ancestors for many generations. After moving to Canada, Monica has been also cultivating a nurturing connection with Chief and Medicine Man "T8aminik" Dominique Rankin and Medicine Woman Marie-Josée Tardif, carriers of the wisdom and Medicine tradition of Native Algonquins in Quebec.

Between 1985 and 1986 Monica created the series of 22 oil paintings on canvas 'The Arcana of the Threshold', in which she portrayed the 'essence' of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, later followed by the publication of a book. In the same period, thank to the meeting with Prof. Andrea Vitali, she had the opportunity to exhibit the 22 Arcana in Ferrara (Italy) as part of the exhibition 'Le Carte di Corte. Gioco e Magia alla Corte degli Estensi', and in other exhibitions, in Italy and abroad.

Since 1987 Monica has become part of 'Le Tarot - Cultural Association', and has started teaching courses about the symbolism of the Tarot and its connection with the human structure and life path. 


Monica often refers to herself as a 'traveler on the Path of Integration', which is a healing path leading to the full realization of one’s inner potential, in harmony with the surrounding world. On this Path, Monica considers the body to be the instrument for spiritual experience, and Nature as the patient teacher providing guidance along the way.

In fact, Monica perceives the body as the sacred instrument through which we can realize and manifest our spiritual nature, and as the precious tool through which we can give a shape to the changes we want to create in our lives. This is the reason why she loves to teach the symbolism of the human body through movement and dance, in order to help people free themselves from limiting patterns, habits and attitudes.

Above all, Monica believes that by increasing self knowledge and self awareness, we can improve the quality of our connections with our own environment, contributing in the creation of a better world.


Monica is constantly exploring the amazing interconnections between the visible and the unseen sides of life from both a spiritual and a scientific perspective. Her work aims to help people connect with their deepest resources by "unveiling enlightening connections" between their thoughts, emotions, body structure and environmental responses (what is happening in their life), to improve the quality of their health, relationships and life in general. 

By combining the language of metaphors, symbols and archetypes, instruments like Astrology and the Tarot, and involving the body structure through movement and dance, Monica unveils a bridge between intuition and rationality, as well as between the tangible and spiritual dimensions of being, supporting people achieve optimal health, mind-body balance, freedom from perceived restrictions, harmony and self-realization.  

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