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✨ Achieve instant energy shift and mind-body-spirit alignment without spending hours meditating and exercising! ✨


Feel Energized, Radiant & Fully Aligned in 5 Easy Steps!

Get the best from your day by nourishing your body, mind, soul, and feminine energy in less than 5 minutes!

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  • Do you ever feel challenged by a multitude of overwhelming obstacles that prevent you from following your plans? 

  • How many times were you told that you need to increase you energy levels or be more aligned in order to attract - or manifest - the life you want?

  • Or maybe you are on the verge of a quantum leap in your life or career, but you don’t feel confident, strong or supported enough to take that leap? 

✨ Then My Guide Is For YOU! 

Rose Galaxy
If You Are Looking For An Easy Way To...
  • Pursue your career and your personal development at the same time

  • Achieve mind-body-spirit alignment to manifest your True Self 

  • Take a quantum leap to express you maximum potential and thrive

  • Unlock your inner magic to become the Empress of your life 

  • Master your physiology naturally to live aligned with Nature 

  • Feel supported in the process of levelling up organically

  • Embody your feminine energy to shine independent of your age

  • Overcome mood swings and other symptoms to live the life you want

  • Start your day feeling empowered and energized

  • Embody the transformation you want to see in your life

  • Maximize your self-confidence

  • Stay focused on achieving practical goals and nourish your body, soul, and femininity at the same time...

Monica Canducci

Hello, my name is Monica Canducci, I'm a 56 year old author, embodied spirituality teacher, and transformational life coach. Since my 30s my mission is to help women turn their challenges into opportunities through my books, guidance, and programs. 
I'm happy to gift you with my Guide because I believe that we can make this world a better place by radiantly expressing our feminine wholeness. 

⬇️ Then download the Guide! ⬇️

In just a few pages you'll find all what you need!

"This routine is just amazing! It is easy to remember, helps me clarify my priorities and stay focused throughout the day. Its magic is powerful since it can turn a day started off badly into whatever you want it to be!"

- Anne Julien, Entrepreneur & Working Mom

Energized, Radiant & Aligned by Monica C
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