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Make A Wish with the New Moon in Aquarius (EN - IT)

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Italian below/Italiano in fondo I told you, I love the sky. I love all the celestial bodies, the planets, the stars. And so I love and practice astrology (you can take a look at my page here), and I look at the sky as if it were the mirror of our human soul.

It’s February, the month at the core of Winter, which corresponds to Aquarius.

A Sign ruled by Uranus, a planet associated with sudden changes and shifts, not only on the level of consciousness, but also on a practical level. In fact this planet is also associated with technology and communication.

For sure since Uranus was discovered, technology made everything faster, even communication. In the last couple of centuries life changed so much because of that.

But not our body.

We can bless technology for many reasons. But it has an impact, on our planet and on ourselves.

This New Moon in Aquarius will occur with many other planets gathering in this Sign, and other planets not too far from it. It’s another peculiar celestial event, and it represents the opportunity for a big shift.

A shift in our consciousness, awareness, and presence.

It’s time to stop thinking about ourselves only as single individuals, and start cultivating awareness about the complex network we are part of.

It’s time to look at our connection with Nature, inside ourselves first. It’s time to reconnect with Nature within ourselves, through our body, otherwise our beloved technology will eat us, exactly like Uranus used to do with his children.

It’s time to bring balance, and to make a wish about our possibility to align ourselves with the best possible future, a future in which we can express our maximum potential in harmony with the world around us.

If you want to know more about the way I work with astrology, you can take a look here.

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