The Sacred Body - Monica Canducci

Express Your Feminine Wholeness

 From Moody and Exhausted to Aligned, Energized, and Radiant to  Take a Life-Changing Leap and Live a Fulfilling Life

Your Body Holds the Key to Life-Changing Transformation, Limitless Energy, and Fulfillment. 

Align Yourself with Nature’s Cycles Within You, Reconnect with Your Secret Source of Power, and Manifest Your Maximum Potential. 


Turn any Challenge into a Precious Opportunity and Thrive.

Achieve Optimal Mind-Body-Spirit Alignment and Integration by Acknowledging Your Body as the Sacred Instrument Through Which You Can Achieve Your Desired Life Changes.

Make Any Life Transition the Time of Your Life!

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The Sacred Body Program is for You if...

✨ You feel like you are on the edge of a significant life change and want to overcome the obstacles, blockages, or symptoms holding you back from taking a quantum leap and living the life you want.


✨ You feel that there is much more of yourself to express, and much more to achieve in your life. 

✨ You feel that NOW is the time for a change, and you want to maximize the opportunity.

✨ You believe that you can make a difference and create a better world from the inside out.

✨ You want to feel great in your body and express your femininity without exercising or dieting. 

✨ You want to improve the quality of your relationships. 

✨ You want to achieve instant changes in your physiology, increase your energy levels, and align your actions with your soul mission so you can shine radiantly, thrive, and attract the life you want.

✨ You want to reconnect to the sacredness of your body and unleash your inner Goddess to experience mind-body-soul-spirit alignment and create your dream life.

✨ You want to manifest your maximum potential and become an energized, aligned, self-confident, radiant, unstoppable, limitless magnet of feminine wholeness in action...



If you answered YES to any of the above...


Then keep reading!

My name is Monica Canducci, I am a 57-year-old author, embodied spirituality teacher, a Certified Rolfer, Heartmath Practitioner, Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration Instructor, and a Mindfulness, Spiritual & Transformational Life Coach.


Beginning in my 30s, I have led numerous circles aimed at helping women connect with their intrinsic resources and encouraging them to thrive.

But I kept hiding behind the reassuring roles of stress-management trainer, a bodyworker, a body-mindfulness meditation teacher, and a performing artist for years.

And then an enlightening Near Death Experience awakened me.

My areas of expertise range from psychophysiology, neuroscience, hypnosis, NLP, movement rehabilitation, dance, and martial arts, to anthropology, astrology, esotericism,  and the multidimensional nature of consciousness.

Starting in my 20s I have worked alongside healers, spiritual teachers, shamans, medicine men and women lineage carriers from different parts of the world to hone my skills as an intuitive, able to connect the dots between the different dimensions of being.

In my 40s, a healer and spiritual teacher told me that first perimenopause, and then menopause would coincide with my ultimate initiations, allowing me to fully embody the Elements and Cycles of Nature and pass spiritual transmission to those Women ready to fully embody their power and Divine essence.

Monica Canducci

But when my moment arrived, I held myself back.

I was reluctant to fully embrace my role, my mission, and my calling.

Monica Canducci - Enlightenment

The call was strong, but my fears of being judged, and of leaving a safe job were stronger.

I preferred to keep myself in the shadows by continuing to play it safe. 

And then I was hit by a viral infection which brought me to the threshold between life and death.


I experienced a complete breakdown.
I was forced to deal with crippling neurological symptoms, which compounded those changes caused by perimenopause, and then menopause. 


At that moment I felt clear that I was at a turning point.

I had to stop hiding behind excuses and embrace my role as a guide supporting women in their processes of transformation. 

As soon as I accepted and surrendered to my call, and took my quantum leap reconciling with my shift in identity, I started healing. 

I was called to create something dedicated to all those women who are ready to take a life-changing leap but don't feel supported, strong, or aligned enough to do it. 

Integrating my knowledge and expertise, from psychophysiology and neuroscience to healing practices belonging to different traditions, I created The Sacred Body Program. This not only allowed me to rid myself from my resistances transforming them into precious resources but also to experience a complete body-mind-soul reset.


In one word - Rebirth.

Monica Canducci - The Guiding Star to Tr

Finally, I fully embraced my role of "Guiding Star" for those women who want to take their own quantum leap and manifest their maximum potential experiencing a rebirth at any age. 

Are You Ready to Embrace Transformation and Shine?

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"I am deeply grateful to Monica because thank to her support, guidance and fantastic Program, I've changed important things in my life while facing huge challenges.

Right now I realize that for years I lived in a continuous state of emergency.

Thanks to the work I've done with Monica, I was able to create the space I needed to replace the state of emergency with a state of freedom - to which I was aspiring but which I had never even touched before working with her.


Through her Program I accessed so much energy that my life started flowing smoothly again - an energy that now I can use to nourish myself, to create and build something new,  which is aligned with my life call and purpose.


I am finally experiencing the well-being, fulfillment, and peace, that I've had completely forgotten. Thanks, Monica!"

Laila Melappioni, Researcher and Creator of MOVEMENT RESEARCH - Between Dance and Awareness

If You Want To...

Say Goodbye To...

Lack of energy and misalignment


Mood swings and fatigue

Fears and anxiety

Doubts and insecurity

Playing small and staying in the shadows

Feeling stuck and overwhelmed

All those limitations which prevents you from thriving...

Aspiring to Freedom - Monica Canducci
Rose Galaxy
Monica Canducci & Rose Galaxy

And Welcome To...

Feeling radiant, powerful, energized, and free like the Empress you are meant to be

Optimizing self-love, self-confidence, and resilience

Mastering your physiology and mood so that you can enjoy every moment of your life

Achieving mind-body-soul-spirit alignment to successfully respond to your life call

 Feeling connected to a limitless source of power to realize your dream life


Fully enjoying your body and life so that you can invest your energy in what you love

Feeling instantly grounded, focused, balanced, and energized in your body and mind

Connecting to Nature and the Goddess to manifest your maximum potential

Regaining naturally your strength, resilience, beauty, and power to shine and thrive

Manifesting your true self and live the life you want

Goodbye Staying in the Shadows.

It’s Time to Shine!

Your Body is Your Temple.

Acknowledge and master the changes in your physiology by discovering the power of Nature's Cycles within to turn any challenge into an opportunity.


Transform any perceived limitation into an achievement by reconnecting to your natural resources in harmony with the surrounding world.

Turn ANY TRANSITION in the best time of your life manifesting your feminine energy and opening your success. 

Fire Phoenix

"Monica's Program has helped me to gain a better connection with my body's needs while at the same time helping me to gain a more clear focus upon my material goals.


Through this, I have learned a more organic approach to manifestation towards the abundance in life I wish to achieve.


I highly recommend this Program to anyone who is looking to find balance between their thinking mind and practical body with their energetic body and spiritual self.

Very powerful!" 

Kindra Gravenreuth, Author, Inspirer & Cemetery Photographer

How We Will Make it Happen

Are you ready to embark on a 12-week discovery, activation, embodiment, and manifestation journey?


✨ We will work together through weekly 1:1 one-hour calls. We will discover your unique path to your desired transformation during these calls. If you are open to this, you'll also receive transmissions of spiritual wisdom and knowledge to facilitate your mind-body-spirit alignment.


Between the calls, you will be given access to 9 specific Transformation Steps, grouped into 3 Phases.


For each Transformation Step you will be supported by handouts, worksheets, and videos including specific Movement Meditations & Activations (30 videos - 9 hours in total).

The Sacred Body Program is meant to be accomplished in 12 weeks, but you'll have access to all the material - videos included - forever, and I am ready to support you until you complete it. 

I only work with 5 women at a time, so you'll get all my attention, love, and support during the process.

Wild Nature

Phase 1 - Heating Up


Discovering  Awakening Connecting

The Elements Within:

Reconnecting with Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Aether

Tapping into the Source of Limitless Energy


Achieving Mind-Body-Soul-Spirit Alignment

Beach Sunset

Phase 2 - Igniting

Embodying Integrating Mastering

Nature's Cycles Within:

Reconnecting with Moon Phases, Seasons, & Related Goddess's Archetypes

Diving into The Ocean of​ Infinite Power

Achieving Empowerment & Limitless Energy

hubble rose galaxy.jpg

Phase 3 - Shining

Being Attracting  Manifesting 

The Multiverse Within:

Reconnecting with the Multidimensionality of Existence

Stepping into Your New Radiant Identity

Achieving Fulfillment & Self-Actualizing 

“As Above, so Below... As Within, so Without”

This expression is a universal truth or law which shows us that the outside world reflects our inner world.

What we feel, what we believe, and what we embody - all this tends to manifest in our lives and we are responsible for the results.

Our Body holds the Key to Balance and Fulfillment.




Thanks because you gave me the opportunity to know myself through my body and achieve a new level of freedom.

I feel reborn and my attitude in life has changed for the better.

All women should have this experience, through embodiment, of how much happier their lives can be.

Thanks again!"

Pilar Ottoz, Anchorwoman at RAI - Italian National Television


“If you're always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”




“The work with Monica has been a wonderful journey of awareness that allowed me to feel free in my body, soul and mind.


Her Program has helped set me free from my perceived limitations and sense of insecurity.


Monica has been able to help  me  see and understand aspects of myself I wasn't aware of, leading me to a deep and revolutionary life-changing transformation."

Catia Domaine, Personal Trainer, Fitness & Wellness Instructor

Monica Canducci - Dancing among the Stars

Every stage of a woman's life comes with unique treasures and gifts.


Unlock your treasure chest and enjoy radiance, abundance, and fulfillment!

The Time of Your Life is NOW!

Starry Sky
Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does the Program work?

The Program includes 1:1 one-hour weekly calls, email support between calls, videos, handouts, and supporting worksheets.

The videos are meant to support you in the exploration, awakening, integration, embodiment, mastery, and the manifestation of your inner resources and powers which are represented by and connected to the Elements, Cycles of Nature, and related Goddess archetypes.

This will lead you to embrace transformation, turn any limitation into a resource and opportunity, and manifest your maximum potential in harmony with the surrounding world.

Is the Enlightening Call free?

Of course, it is! It's a free, no-obligation 30-minute call during which we will discover together if we are a good fit for each other. I work only with women who are really aligned with my Program and ready to get the best from themselves and their transformation. During the call, we will discuss your needs and goals, and find out if The Sacred Body Program is really the best option for you.

Do I need a specific background or skills to follow this Program?

You don't need anything to follow the program - just an internet connection and your commitment to getting the best from it. 

In this Program, I integrate the most recent scientific discoveries in the field of psychophysiology and neuroscience with movement, breathing, meditation, storytelling, and the transformative language of myths, symbols, and archetypes from ancient spiritual traditions all transmitted in an easy, accessible, totally understandable, and enjoyable way. 

The Movement Meditations & Activations are easy and deeply effective no matter what your age or physical shape.

Moreover, my approach to spirituality is not related to one specific path but rather to the development and manifestation of our individual consciousness through our daily life.

One of my core values is RESPECT, so you can follow the Program regardless of the beliefs and practices that you are already implementing in your life.


How long does it take to get results?

You can experience powerful shifts in as few as two to three weeks, and you will notice that it gets easier to manifest your results as the weeks go by.   

At the end of the Program you will be able to access and master all the resources and powers that you integrated and embodied, and you'll know how to manifest any of the transformations that you desire in your life.  

What are the Movement Meditation and Activation purposes, and when I should practice them?

The Movement Meditations and Activations are the passcodes to embodiment, mastery, and manifestation of the Elements, Cycles of Nature, and Goddess Archetypes' functions and powers.

To get the best from the Sacred Body Program, I recommend you practice about 20 minutes per day.

You will find this practice easy, fun, and rewarding! 

Do the Movement Activations have undesired side effects?

None of the women who followed my Program reported undesired side effects, only positive UNEXPECTED side effects. So, it’s possible to experience side effects such as: a rebalancing of your hormonal levels, improvement in general health, a rebalancing of your sex drive, rejuvenation, improvement of your body image, and optimization of your metabolism and body weight.

You can also expect to enjoy your sensuality more and optimize your pelvic floor health so that you can move comfortably and freely in your body. Finally, you can also expect to increase your sense of humor, which is an excellent instrument to make life much lighter and more fun.

How much does the Program cost?

I want you to feel good and at ease about this and I want to make this Transformative Program accessible to all women who are motivated to get the best from their life.

You don't need to pay for the complete Program in advance.

You can pay monthly, and you are free to leave at any time. 

The monthly payment includes 4 One-on-One 1-hour sessions and related videos, handouts, worksheets, and support through DM and emails between sessions.

The monthly investment (package of 4 sessions) is US$ 580.

The Program is meant to last 8 - 12 weeks.

During the Free Call, we will discuss also this point to understand if this Program is the best option for you. The program is flexible and we might find a better option, according to your specific needs and goals. 

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I can't wait to hear from you, learn about your journey, challenges, and goals, and figure out if we will be working together!

Monica Canducci

Let the Adventure begin!

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