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Winter Solstice Meditation: About Nature, Rest, and Healing

Here I am, as promised, publishing a video meditation about the gifts coming with Winter. This moment of the year, in which Nature turns inward, speaks to us of the importance of slowing down and attuning to ourselves. As you know, I love to find connections between our physiology, Nature's cycles, and the realm of symbols. Part of our brain "speaks" the language of myths, symbols, and metaphors, and when we invite our body to move gently during a meditation, getting inspiration from Nature, then we become able to draw from our inner, deepest resources.

In case you want to read something more about a breathing technique useful in case of insomnia, you'll find it right below this video.

Enjoy the meditation, and have a serene Winter!

English (the video in Italian is below)

A breathing technique to help in case of insomnia:


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