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Cultivating Respect: Words Matter

Please read carefully.

Why we should rephrase the sentence describing what is celebrated on November 25th into: CULTIVATE (or INCREASE) RESPECT TOWARD WOMEN

Our brain, or part of it, creates images when we read, hear, or pronounce words. When in the same sentence we hear, or read, words like elimination, violence, or against, associated with any word, the effect is to associate the idea of "elimination", and "violence against" what that precise word describes or represents.

If I say I want to eliminate violence against dodos (dodos are extinct), I literally feed my brain with the image of the elimination of dodos and violence against dodos. It is a conditioning to the maintenance of violence.

So, if that word is "women," we get the same effect, which is exactly the opposite of what we think we mean.

We need to work on “respect”.

To do my small part I have published a book, “The Sacred Body”, and these days I am working hard to publish an online course of the same title in Italian as well (in English it is already published), because in my opinion, we all need to work on understanding, integrating and harmonizing Masculine and Feminine within.

If we really want to do something to help women, we should dedicate this day to the CULTIVATION OF RESPECT TOWARD WOMEN.

If we want to create a better world in which everybody respects everybody else, we need to start by choosing respect as the first goal.

Words matter, and words make a difference.

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