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The Alchemy of the Heart

As I promised, this is the first of a new series of videos dedicated to the heart. We are just around the solstice, in the northern hemisphere, this is the longest day of the year, the day in which the Sun “stays” longer in the sky.

In many spiritual traditions, and also according to astrology, the Sun is connected to the heart.

In several spiritual traditions, the heart is also considered the door giving access to the spirit.

There are many spiritual secrets connected to the heart.

And according to the most recent fascinating scientific research, the heart is also the instrument through which we can achieve, or at least, improve our inner balance and health, by improving self-regulation. By focusing on our heart, and following some specific steps, we can access a positive “reset” involving all our mind-body functions.

This is why I started this series of Teas, that I want to dedicate to The Alchemy of the Heart

Why the Alchemy of the Heart?

Because the Sun is also connected to Gold, considered the purest among the metals and elements. And the alchemical goal par excellence is about turning lead into Gold.

Through the connection to our heart, we can turn our inner lead into Gold.

Turn our limitations into resources.

Transform those aspects of our ego that could prevent us to develop our consciousness and manifest our spiritual essence, or true Self, into resources allowing us or supporting us in our journey to healing, integration, and balance.

In other words, the more we cultivate our connection to our heart, the more we will become able to bypass all our conditionings and limiting behavior or attitudes, and express our true essence and Self.

How? Stay tuned, watch the video and follow me through these appointments. I’ll tell you more and guide you to discover the precious resources of which your heart is the keeper.

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