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This blog was born many years ago. It's my way to share inspiration, food for thought, and practical tools aimed to make my readers not only more and more aware of the fascinating connections between our so-called mind and our body but also able to achieve a higher level of mind-body-spirit balance and integration. My concept of "spirit" is not related to a specific belief or religion, but is practical, and relates to daily life perfectly. I believe we can define "spiritual development" as practicing awareness, presence, and respect for ourselves and others in our daily lives. I think that every action we take to better understand ourselves, express our hidden resources, improve the connection to our true selves, and our relationships with others and our environment, is "spiritual". I often refer to myself as a traveler on "the Path of Healing and Integration", which is a healing path leading to the full realization of one’s inner potential in harmony with the surrounding world. On this path, I consider the heart as the door to our spiritual essence, the body as the instrument for our spiritual experience, and Nature as the patient teacher providing us guidance along the way. I perceive the body as the sacred instrument through which we can realize and manifest our true spiritual nature, and the precious instrument through which we can shape the changes we want to create in our lives, freeing ourselves from limiting patterns, habits, and attitudes, and also from all the obstacles preventing us from living a fulfilling life.

Above all, I believe that by increasing self-knowledge, self-awareness, and presence, we can improve the quality of our connections with our own environment, contributing to the creation of a better world. My work is heart-centered, somatic-based, and spiritually oriented. At this stage of my life, I decided to make it completely accessible through my books, my online on-demand video courses, and the free resources I keep sharing through my blog posts - which most of the times include also a video. If you want to receive updates (meaning my blog posts and the invitations to my free Zoom meetings), I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter from the footer of my blog and website.

I am always happy to help people achieve a higher level of mind-body-spirit alignment, balance, and integration, and unlock the magic of life. You might find, among my books, courses, and posts, titles related to both science-based disciplines and the magical world of symbols and archetypes. I believe that from the integration and understanding of different disciplines and approaches, we can gain perspective and find the language that is more suitable for each of us.

We need practical tools to reconnect to our deepest resources by unveiling the "enlightening connections" between our thoughts, emotions, body structure, and environmental responses (what is happening in our lives) so as to improve the quality of our health, relationships, and life in general terms, experiencing fulfillment. These "enlightening connections" are also related to the fascinating constant dialogue between our conscious and subconscious mind (which loves the language of symbols and archetypes), and to the even more fascinating concept of "embodied cognition". You can easily access my work by exploring my website, on which you will find my books (and for some of them, you can also download the introduction or a chapter for free), free resources, and online courses. I love to keep in touch with my readers and provide them with more inspiration, one post at a time.

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