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On the Path to Integration

I was tidying up my shelves, and my diplomas and various certificates popped up. And putting them in order, I realized that fourteen years ago today (meaning June 8th, 2008) I got my Certification as a practitioner of Rolfing Structural Integration.

It was a turning point in my life and career.

Since I received my first Structural Integration session when I was 29 years old (now I'm 57), I felt so fascinated by the concept of “integration”, its meanings, and implications not only related to our body structure and posture, but also to our lifestyle, our way of perceiving the surrounding world, connecting to the environment, and of processing and expressing our emotions.

Since then, I kept exploring, wandering, searching, experimenting and experiencing other paths, and integrating more and more.

Integration, to me, means to find our wholeness, expressing and manifesting our whole potential in harmony with the surrounding world.

But in order to integrate, we have to differentiate first. We have to acknowledge, to become aware of all the different aspects, visible and invisible, of ourselves.

As a “renaissance woman” of present times, I keep connecting the dots between the realms of science, spirituality, and arts, and never stop acknowledging enlightening connections between the visible and the invisible aspects of life and of ourselves as human beings.

Even if apparently I stopped giving Rolfing sessions - meaning putting my hands on other people’s body to help them become free from restrictions and deal optimally with the gravity field - I keep practicing Structural Integration, through teaching mindful movement classes (Move In Mind, through the Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration - MMASI™)), helping women achieve mind-body-spirit alignment, and doing everything I do.

There are pathways that are not just meant to give you tools for your practice.

There are pathways that give you knowledge of how the human being operates.

And once you understand that, well... you can’t forget it.

You can just explore more and more.

At least, I can’t help but keep exploring.

Gravity shapes our life, not only our body, and even if the connection between gravity and our so-called ego could be not immediately recognized, I am exploring right now this terrain, to understand how we can reconnect to our True Self and achieve more freedom from our ego, that is meant to serve us, not to dominate us - as it instead does most of the times.

Most of the time, we live controlled by our ego, which is not only the structure through which we can build a healthy sense of self, but also the sum of our conditionings, traumas, wounds, and longings.