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With All My Heart

Dear Friends... Many of you asked when I will be back with my "Moon Tea" Facebook Lives.

I won't. But I'll start something new: a series of "Heart Tea"!

Not sure if it will be recorded videos or lives, but this is the inspiration I just received, and this is my new teacup for the occasion, still a work in progress!

In June 2001 my husband and I went to visit the HeartMath Institute, in a such beautiful place in California. We both were deeply impressed by the scientific research and work developed by HeartMath and started integrating some of their techniques and tools into our professional practice.

When in 2009 I suffered from a mild brain injury, it was literally my heartbeat (through the practice of a technique called "heart-focused breathing") the instrument that allowed me to find my way back to myself. From there, I developed the method I called Move In Mind, based on mental imagery and mindful movement explorations.

But the power of the heart and its secrets were so fascinating to me, that I kept cultivating the desire to deepen HeartMath work and become officially a Practitioner.

When a few months ago my husband got a job in California, very close to the HeartMath Institute, I felt that the moment had arrived.

I took advantage of my "retreat" to finally dive into two courses, one about helping people improve resilience and the ability to deal with trauma (The Resilient Heart™: Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Certification), and the other about stress, anxiety, and self-regulation (Clinical Certification for Stress, Anxiety, and Self Regulation).

A couple of days ago I took the exam, and after the evaluation, yesterday I received confirmation that I passed it - and so I got my Certification.

So... I'm still in Canada, packing one box at a time and waiting for our house to be sold before joining my husband in California, but I keep walking on the path of integration and mind-body-spirit balance and alignment, aiming at sharing more wonderful tools with all of you to make your life lighter.

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Unknown member
Jun 18, 2022

Congratulations on the certificate 😀 Proud of you!

I love the idea of Heart Tea, however you wish to presented live or pre-recorded. Do whatever is easiest on yourself.

Thank you for this update, Monica. Sending lots of Love 💔


Monica Canducci
Monica Canducci
Jun 18, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much Kindra!! Sending lots of love and chat soon!! 💖

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