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Summer Solstice 2024 Meditation

In this moment of the year, Nature teaches us something about turning points and balance: the Summer Solstice is that turning point in which the daylight reaches its peak, making the night the shortest of the year.

From now on, the daylight will start decreasing until the Winter Solstice. Even if this is the beginning of the Summer, something tells us that from now on it's time to save some energy for the darker days.

Moreover, this year a Full Moon occurs right away after the Summer Solstice. The Full Moon speaks of balance, being the Moon opposite to the Sun. The Zodiac Signs involved are Cancer (for the Sun) and Capricorn (for the Moon), representing nourishment and discernment.

At this moment, it looks productive to reflect and work on the balance between discernment and nourishment, which could be preceded by a reflection on the balance between selecting and connecting.

We can discern and understand what makes us feel nurtured and what makes us feel drained. Then we can choose which connections we want to nourish and which situations we would need to distance ourselves from.

Maybe distancing ourselves from these situations would allow us to invest more energy in connecting with the nurturing ones...

In any case, this moment of the year invites you to remember that the time we dedicate to ourselves, to regenerate ourselves, and to nurture ourselves, allows us to deal with anything else, even with draining situations.

Serene Summer!

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