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All About the Essential - Full Moon May 2022

It’s all about the Essential.

Maybe you have noticed that I’m less active - fewer blog posts, fewer videos, fewer Facebook lives. You know… “I’m just drawn that way” (this is my favorite quote from one of my favorite movies, Who Framed Roger Rabbit directed by Robert Zemeckis - by the way, today it's his birthday, so ...Happy Birthday Bob!).

I’m doing what I feel supposed I do. I follow the flow of inspiration, and I practice authenticity. Meaning I tell you what deeply resonates within me.

In these last weeks, I felt deeply the need for a kind of retreat.

I am still going through that retreat, and maybe I’ll tell you more about that. Apparently, I also needed to take some rest, because my body gave me clear signs. But I feel clear that something is happening much beyond the physical dimension.

So I am taking my time to go through a kind of reset. That actually starts making me feel better than ever - just because I finally decided to let go of all the attempts to keep working and just follow the “instructions” that I am receiving in my heart.

Many people reached out and wrote me to ask about this coming Full Moon and eclipse, and today I felt suddenly the inspiration coming to record a short video. Of course, Greta, missing the Monday Moon Teas on Facebook, stole the spotlight.

There is no more time to waste. We are called to look at the Essential.

This Full moon speaks loud about eternity, meaning what will really matter beyond anything we identify ourselves with.

Enjoy! English version:

Italian version:

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Unknown member
May 14, 2022

Keep following your heart, listen to your body and do what is necessary for you. Everything is as it should be and will fall into place. Thank you for the update sister. Stay Beautiful!

Sending Blessings & Love xx

Monica Canducci
Monica Canducci
May 15, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much Kindra! Sending you blessings and Love too! xx

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