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The Treasure Chest - A leap to transformation

If you want to make a jump… ✨ If you want to take a leap… ✨

I’m so happy to open my “Treasure Chest” and show you a glimpse of a journey of transformation, sharing with you both the video of me being interviewed by "The Coost" (showcasing women artists from Montreal) and the video trailer of that show, mentioned in the interview.

The Treasure Chest is about the Moon phases, the Goddess archetypes, Nature and its elements... all this speaks of “rites of passage” and inner rhythms from which too often we live disconnected.

The Treasure Chest is about rebirth, and about turning “venom into medicine” and “lead into gold”. It’s my way to celebrate my own rebirth after having experienced symptoms of CFS/ME (chronic fatigue syndrome / myalgic encephalomyelitis).

It’s about women’s resilience and beauty.

It’s about integration and the acknowledgment that there is no spiritual awareness without a body through which we can experience life.

The Treasure Chest is about skin shedding, about love, passion, grief and rebirth. I have been grieving because I have to let go something I love, that has been part of my job for many years. I am going through a deep skin shedding thanks to the embodiment of that "fire of transformation” which now, instead of “burning inside” painfully, is finally reshaping my lifestyle.

I am taking a leap forward toward integration, acknowledging the interconnection of spirit and matter, light and darkness, in the Oneness.

It takes so long, sometimes, to understand what has to be changed in order to express our true self and nature. I am lucky because when I started suffering from symptoms of CFS/ME I already had tools, awareness, knowledge and expertise to understand which steps to take in order to “turn venom into medicine” or “lead into gold”.

Some people keep saying that “it’s not easy at my age” to make such a turn and take such a leap, leaving something I love to do and so rewarding, that is working as a bodyworker giving Rolfing Structural Integration session. But despite being 54, I feel ageless, and I believe that the impossible can be turned into possible.

Years ago I heard the call to teach, to share the Move In Mind method I created and to focus on teaching movement awareness in order to help people to make of gravity their best supporter.

But… Bodywork is a “ground” that has made me feel always so comfortable, and that now has become “something” keeping me stuck on a kind of metaphorical island surrounded by a river…. just because instead of jumping to the other side of the river I continued to keep one foot (maybe two...) on the island. I think you noticed that, if you want to make a jump, you need your feet in the air at least a few seconds... So...

A good way to make a jump is to focus on the landing point. Otherwise you would never let go your position.

Now it’s time to accept that by teaching, training and mentoring other practitioners, movement trainers/coaches and bodyworkers I can reach an audience much bigger, and help much more people. It’s time to accept that my expertise can help so many women over 40 to make their life lighter, happier, and brighter. It’s time to share the treasures I found during the journey of transformation which brought me to a new sense of well-being, embracing healing.

I heard the call many years ago. It had become stronger and stronger, but my resistance too. It’s been so comfortable stay “smaller” in my comfort zone and keeping giving bodywork sessions instead of teaching worldwide. But at a certain point my body stopped collaborating, apparently. Actually, it was just showing me the way to reconnect with my life purpose and passions. Because I love teaching so much. And I love so much entertain people too. I have been a performer and entertainer for a lifetime, before to move to Canada 7 years ago. But moving to Canada made me feel in need to “stay small” for a while, stopping teaching and performing, and just giving bodywork sessions.

Well, now I’m ready. I’m taking the leap.

Wow, I just landed on the other side of the river, out of the "island".

This is the reason why I’m showing you my Treasure Chest, that is just a glimpse of a journey of transformation that could be your journey too, because these transformational archetypes are working in every human being, beyond age and gender.

I define myself an “enlightening enter-trainer” because I love to teach though fun. Humor is an essential ingredient for any learning process. I am so grateful that I found Burlesque by reading the wonderful books by Leslie Zemeckis.

Burlesque ignited “the fire of transformation” and triggered the alchemic process which brought me to create this show. Then I found the Arabesque Burlesque Academy in Montreal, I started learning and also performing dance again... adding a sparkle of Burlesque, when appropriate, to my shows.

How I can integrate Burlesque in my spiritual journey? Our body is our temple, and everything is “spiritual’ because spirituality is about experience. I will dedicate a post to that.

I’m deeply grateful to my friend Dominique Robertson who connected me with “The Coost” to realize these videos. And I'm deeply grateful to everybody is supporting me in this journey ✨💖

If you need to take a leap, remember that it's never "too late". There is always time, and a way (or more...) to do it. ✨

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