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The Treasure Chest - A leap to transformation (EN - IT)

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

(Italian below / Italiano in fondo) If you want to take a leap…

I’m so happy to open my “Treasure Chest” and show you a glimpse of a journey of transformation, sharing with you both the video of me being interviewed by "The Coost" (showcasing women artists from Montreal) and the video trailer of that show, mentioned in the interview.

The Treasure Chest is a 30-minute dance show I perform within my workshop "Dedicated to Women - The Goddess within". For this reason I call it a "workshow".

The power of dance has been used since the beginning of time in ceremonies and rituals, and dance is one of the means I use to convey specific energies and transmit different "states of consciousness" to my audience. But for the first time I felt compelled to create a five-steps performance, in order to transmit four specific levels of initiation, plus a fifth one which integrates the previous four.

In fact, the Treasure Chest is about the Moon phases, the correspondent Goddess archetypes, Nature, its Seasons and Elements, and the connections between all of the above with womanhood. It's about “rites of passage” and those inner rhythms from which too often we live disconnected.

The Treasure Chest is about rebirth, and about turning “lead into gold” - turning challenges and limitations into resources and opportunities. When I speak of "limitations", I always speak both about what we perceive as a limitation in our life, and about the limitations of our ego, compared with our True Self.

It’s about women’s resilience and beauty.

It’s about integration, healing and the acknowledgment that there is no spiritual awareness without a body through which we can experience life.

The Treasure Chest is about skin shedding, about love, passion, grief and rebirth.

Recently I have been grieving because I have to let go something I love, that has been part of my job for many years. I am going through a deep skin shedding thanks to the embodiment of that "fire of transformation” which now, instead of “burning inside” painfully, is finally reshaping my lifestyle.