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(Italiano in fondo) What if…we became aware that 'God' is only a word for 'Existence', understanding that it’s time to go beyond any attempt to define It through our narrow minds?

What if mankind was like a tree, and each spiritual Tradition and Path was like a part of it, or like one of the elements which contributes to its life? A tree needs roots, a trunk, branches and leaves, and ground, and water, and light, and air to live…A tree lives only when each element and part work together, in harmony. That is 'integration'. The realization of the full potential in complete harmony with the world around.

Maybe it’s time to wake up and listen to the essential Voice of Existence, going beyond any definition, label and language, but respecting every language and recognizing that each language has its reason to be. Because we have differences, and the first step to go beyond them is respect. Then, maybe, we will become able to understand the meaning beyond the words. We need different notes to make music. We need different colours to paint.

Real Art speaks about Integration. Always.


E se ... ci rendessimo conto che "Dio" è solo una parola per "Esistenza", capendo che è ora di andare oltre ogni tentativo di definirlo attraverso le nostre menti ristrette?

E se l'umanità fosse come un albero e ogni Tradizione e Sentiero spirituale fossero come una parte di esso, o come uno degli elementi che contribuisce alla sua vita? Un albero ha bisogno di radici, di un tronco, di rami e foglie, e terra, e acqua, luce e aria per vivere ... Un albero vive solo quando ogni elemento e parte lavorano insieme, in armonia. Questa è 'integrazione'. La realizzazione del pieno potenziale in completa armonia con il mondo circostante.

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