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Thoughts from the Wining Moon (EN - IT)

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Embodying the Moon Cycle & Phases

(Italiano in fondo /Italian below) I remember my grandfather, who observed the moon phases to bottle wine at the right time.

I remember my grandmother, who observed the seasons as well as the moon phases to decide what and when to sow.

We've flattened everything in recent decades, in the name of productivity.

Lost touch with the seasons.

Lost touch with lunar cycles.

Lost touch with our internal cycles, pretending to be efficient every day like any other, regardless of our hormonal waves and biological rhythms - like a sailor who wants to sail regardless of the tides.

We made the nights bright and the winters warm.

We tried to tame women's cycle to control moods with hormones.

We canceled the breaks that nature gave us as moments of regeneration to always be efficient.

We fight death every day as if there were no hope, forgetting that in nature death does not exist but as a prelude and presupposition for the perpetuation of life.

And we demonstrate a fury and an attachment to life that only materialism can explain.

Where is the spirituality that we claim to demonstrate, if we lose sight of the living community - Life itself, the Nature, Mother Earth - of which we are part?

Nature is a teacher, everything responds to a balance that we humans continue to want to subvert in the name of what we "think right”.

It would be enough to observe. And follow Nature’s cycles, and rules.

Now that we are forced to go through this symbolic Winter, which keeps us away from others, we may find time to stay inside. Not just "at home". Inside, within, in touch with ourselves.

But we continue to find ways to keep ourselves busy, to distract us, instead of taking the time to confront and ask ourselves who we are and what our purpose is.

Let's enjoy this extension of Winter that keeps us at home, even if it's Spring outside.