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The Presence and Essence of Being

I am going through a deep reset.

A good cup filled with hot Earl Grey Tea is always enjoyable in rainy dayss
Tea time...

It has been such an intense year, with two books written and published since June 2021, a lot of online workshops, sessions, and courses… Then my husband got a job in a different Country, and our son left not for a circus adventure this time, but to experience the adventurous life of a fire ranger in the woods…

After restless weeks spent helping my husband pack and leave first, and then our son do the same, my body told me clearly that I needed rest.

My body’s wisdom works intensely and so I’m taking my time to go through a complete re-alignment that sounds, looks, and feels like a deep reset - involving not only my physical body but all the aspects of my life and the way I used to define myself.

I, fortunately, know exactly what to do and how to do it, to feel good and let it happen, allowing the transformation to be.

Because I clearly feel that my life and my work are changing.

Less doing, more being.

I’m still in “retreat” mode, I feel I need silence, much less technology, and much more nature.

Finally, Spring has come here too, and I’m enjoying my walks in the parks nearby and of course on the lakeshore. When it rains, I enjoy sipping hot tea and reading good books from the Library. And in the meantime, I take care of many practical things like the process of selling the house in order to move with my husband right after.

I feel grateful and I trust the process, enjoying my transformation.

I know that the key is presence.

And all this leads to being essential. Even more and more than before. More than ever.

I’m still here, I’ll keep doing what I have been doing so far. But I feel I’m asked to take it to another level by taking a turn toward the depth of the essence of “being”.

The essence that gives meaning to our existence.

It’s something deeply engraved within ourselves, and can be found by listening carefully to our body, starting from our breathing and our heartbeat.

Our body never lies. Our body holds the key to understanding our life, our mission, and our calling. Why we are here. How we can connect to a dimension that we can call “spiritual” or “divine”.

I’m lucky because my work brings me to understand my body’s messages and I can find out the connections between my body’s signals and what my being - my true essence - is asking me.

Our body can just be the dress of our ego, or our best ally in helping us go beyond the ego itself.

Our body, our breathing, and our heart are the doors to our deepest and most true essence - you can call it “spirit”, if you believe in a spiritual dimension. If you don’t believe in a spiritual dimension, you can think of something like “consciousness”, maybe.

Our body and its signals (usually called “symptoms”) can be both the messengers helping us understand what is that we are here to accomplish, and also the instruments through which we can accomplish it. That usually happens through the expression of our true Self.

But sometimes our true self is buried under our ego’s expectations.

Under our judgmental attitude. Under our ambitions. Even under our goals and expected achievements.

Sometimes our mind lies and cheats us by feeding us with illusions and not functional beliefs.

But usually, our body tells the truth.

And does its best to take us beyond the illusions which prevent us to live according to our essence, true self, and true calling.

Our true self wants to live according to a truth that goes beyond everything we might “want” according to our human will.

Take your time. Breathe. Listen to your heartbeat. Listen to your body.

Remember: less doing, more being.

Do less. Stop feeding the unessential. Start nurturing your essence.

I am taking my time to be - beyond what I believed to be “my” self.

Barrie, Lake Simcoe
Barrie - Waling on the Lakeshore

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2 Kommentare

Unknown member
22. Mai 2022

Take all the time you need my dear spiritual sister. I can totally relate, being in retreat mode myself. Everything happens for a reason and all change is positive.

Many Blessings with Much Love to you Monica ❤️

Gefällt mir
Monica Canducci
Monica Canducci
22. Mai 2022
Antwort an

Thank you so much dear Kindra ❤️ Many Blessings and Much Love to You too!

Gefällt mir
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