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One Breath at a Time...

Did you ever notice that… We can breathe only one breath at a time.

We can’t breathe in and out at the same time.

Every breath we take is a new one: even if we might think that we breathe always the same way, we can’t breathe the same air two times.

A breathing cycle is never the same, even if we notice it's made of inhalation and exhalation.

Even if we think we proceed by circles, actually the circles are spirals, because we cannot replay the same experience two times - even while watching the same movie or reading the same book. Time would have passed, and we would be different.

How many times did I go through transformations and changes in my life and career? Countless times, because my work has been keeping transforming with me. Every single thing I experienced became part of my expertise.

I’m used to transformation, and I feel that life unwinds and unfolds like a spiral.

There are periods in which I feel called to commit to one activity, followed by other periods in which life shows me another path. All this is part of my pathway, a path aimed to create a more sustainable world by sharing information, tools, and awareness to improve mind-body balance and harmony. In some periods of my life I am more inspired to do so through some of my tools, in other periods I feel more called to use some other tools.

Before the pandemic, I felt inspired to make my work available online. In the last three years, I made myself available for one-on-one consultations to help people, especially women, find their path and turn their challenges into resources and achievements. Now I feel called to work on new projects more movement-related, and so I’m going through another skin shedding.

The strongest part of my “true self” and inner nature is the one that responds to inspiration. When I let the inspiration flow, I feel completely aligned and balanced.

For three years I felt inspired to work one-on-one as I did. Now my inspiration is asking me something else. And I follow its directions because I learned that when I resist, then my body starts complaining.

You know, I’m just drawn that way.

Now, for me, it’s time to work through movement again, focusing on sharing and teaching.

Now it's time to give more space to creativity - by dancing, writing, painting...

Now it’s time to release a book that is waiting for being published since before I moved to California.

To do so, and to keep my work available for anybody, I put all my courses on a platform, and I will keep myself available to my students through monthly free Zoom meetings.

I need more space and time right now to let the inspiration flow, and I'm doing my best to share anyway all that I achieved so far.

Don’t let your past decide for (and determine) your present, especially when you feel that the way people see you is not corresponding to your present anymore.

Don't let your habits take over your inspiration.

Don't think you are essential in your role. Let people find what works for them when you have given them all you could give, and when it's time for you to take a turn approaching a new coil of the spiral.

If you cannot help people by doing what you were used to doing, it’s probably because you are called to help in a different way.

There are so many doors to open, and so many breaths to take. Let’s keep accepting the challenge of transformation, let’s keep welcoming the signs and signals Life shows us, and let’s keep working together for a better world, one step at a time, one breath at a time. #spirituality #awakening #awareness #harmony

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