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Invite Abundance and Thrive!

The Heart of Spring is that moment in between the Spring Equinox (the beginning of Spring) and the Summer Solstice (the beginning of Summer).

In ancient times, amongst the Celts this celebration was called “Beltane”, but we see that the 1st of May is still celebrated in other parts of the world.

It is the moment in which, in the Northern Hemisphere, Nature blooms. A joyful moment, a jubilation of colours and fragrances that, in ancient times and in different cultures and traditions, was celebrated with rituals reconnecting to Nature’s gifts: fertility, abundance, and prosperity.

In this video you will find a very simple and practical meditation and activation about how to reconnect to those deep inner resources associated with the power of the Heart of Spring. A meditation aimed at nurturing our ability to invite, welcome, and cultivate abundance, vitality, and prosperity in our life.

In the video I mention briefly the connections between women’s physiology, this period of the year, and Nature’s elements and cycles. You will be surprised to find out how the Heart of Spring doesn’t only represent the beginning of the fertile stage in a woman’s life, but also the ability to connect fully with fertility, meant as abundance and prosperity, after entering menopause, in order to shine radiantly and thrive at any age.

Enjoy the video (English above, Italian below) and the activation, and feel free to write to me to share your thoughts and insights!

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