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Autumnal Equinox - Winds of Change Meditation (EN- IT)

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Italian below/Italiano in fondo: Autumn is a transformative season. Like Spring, it starts in a way and ends totally differently. But while during Spring we see the rebirth of Nature, during Fall we witness a process that is much more mysterious. Nature withdraws its energy and turns it inwards. This is the most transformative Season of the year (corresponding to the Waning Moon Phase in a month) because it prepares Nature to that moment of rest preceding a complete rebirth.

In a woman’s life, Autumn is connected with that moment, called “perimenopause”, that can start many years before actual menopause. When we understand fully the potential of this moment, we can get all its gifts and prepare ourselves for the deepest opportunity of total regeneration ever, independently from our age.

Every year the Autumnal Equinox is the best moment to align ourselves with a new purpose and “plant the seed” of what we want to develop and see growth in our life.

In order to do that, we need to clear our path from the old patterns which could hold us back.

This year the invitation is even stronger: the Winds of Change are calling loud to lead us towards a life-changing turn. But we need to know how to ride the Wind in order to get through this transformation successfully.

According to different spiritual traditions, as well as to Astrology, Autumn corresponds to Element Air.

Today Air will guide us in a meditation that you can follow every time you need a reminder about your transformative inner resources.


To find more about the correspondences between the Moon Phases, Seasons, women's menstrual cycle's phases, and women's life stages, take a look at my last book "The Sacred Body" HERE!

Equinozio d'Autunno - Meditazione sui Venti di Cambiamento

L'Autunno è una stagione di trasformazione. Come la Primavera, inizia in un modo e finisce in modo completamente diverso. Ma mentre durante la Primavera assistiamo alla rinascita della Natura, durante l'Autunno assistiamo a un processo molto più misterioso. La Natura ritira la sua energia e la rivolge verso l'interno.

Questa è la Stagione più trasformativa dell'anno (corrispondente alla Fase della Luna Calante in un mese), perché prepara la Natura a quel momento di riposo che precede una rinascita completa.

Nella vita di una donna, l'Autunno è connesso a quel momento, chiamato "perimenopausa", che può iniziare molti anni prima della menopausa vera e propria. Quando comprendiamo pienamente il potenziale di questo momento, possiamo ottenere tutti i suoi doni e prepararci per la più profonda opportunità di rigenerazione totale