A Transformative Journey to Self-Empowerment and beyond through the Moon phases and Goddess' archetypes

For Women who want to reconnect with their inner resources and experience the ability to regenerate naturally.


This program is designed to support women experiencing life changes, and is available online.

The program aim to provide guidance and dynamic co-creative experiences that increase awareness, self-confidence, body-mind balance and wellbeing.  

For Women dealing with life transitions and phases:

  • Perimenopause and Menopause 

  • Pregnancy and post pregnancy

  • Chronic diseases symptoms (fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue)

  • Separation

  • Loss

  • Post diagnosis

  • Post surgery

  • Career changes

  • Any event perceived as a challenging new phase of life. 

A Transformative Journey to Self-Awareness and Care


A Woman's hormonal cycle usually counts the same number of days as the lunar month. 

Actually we can notice that the moon phases reflect seasons, and day-night phases, too. In all of the cycles of Nature, we can find four main phases. In all the ancient cultures and traditions on Earth, those phases have been associated with Goddesses.​ There is a phase for "births and beginnings", one for "achievement and celebration", one for "harvesting and sharing", one for "death and rebirth". 

Every phase, when integrated and "embodied", is meant to bring us specific and particular gifts (including the last one), but sometimes we are not able to open ourselves to these gifts and to their transformative energy. Most of the times, our lifestyle doesn't allow us to stay in touch with ourselves and our inner resources.


When we are not in touch with ourselves and our inner source of power, life transitions like divorce, separations, losses and any kind of stressful event can easily make us feel emotionally (and physically) overwhelmed. 

Moreover, in many Countries the Health Care system seems to discourage us from dealing naturally with the course of natural events and everything aging-related. Pregnancy, post pregnancy, menopause and related symptoms are very often seen, considered and treated as "diseases". So called "chronic diseases" life fibromyalgia and CFS/ME, which are spreading at an alarming rate, are very ofter misunderstood or misdiagnosed, and treated with medications not helpful (and potentially dangerous).

Ironically, it seems that very often the side effects of some medications are worse than the symptoms, and this can bring us to suffer even more. 

Every healing journey, like every journey towards self-realization, is a journey of transformation, starting with self-awareness and self-care. 

This program is designed to help those Women experiencing life transitions reconnect with themselves, with their deepest resources and "gifts", to turn any challenge into an achievement. 

Your Body is your Temple.

Acknowledge the changes in your physiology in order to turn any challenge into an achievement. Transform any perceived limitation into a precious gift by reconnecting with your natural resources from within.

This transformational Program is aimed at helping you:

  • Understand and master the connections between your body, thoughts, emotions and the environment

  • Manage stress and embrace life transitions

  • Experience body-mindfulness in action

  • Embody the symbols of the Four Elements of Alchemy (Fire, Earth, Air & Water) to facilitate transformation and self-empowerment

  • Improve your sense of balance, confidence and self-support

  • Improve emotional management

  • Restore balance and harmony within and around you

  • Practice and increase body awareness and presence through mindful movement to optimize health and wellbeing

  • Transform your body and your life according to your wishes and goals.

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The Program lasts 8 weeks and includes:

  • Zoom group meetings

  • Pre-recorded video classes 

  • One-On-One coaching sessions.

Zoom meetings will be recorded and made available for those who subscribe to the Program.

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