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About Truth and Freedom - New Moon in Sagittarius (EN - IT)

Updated: Mar 24, 2021


Italiano in fondo/Italian below

Did you notice that I’m fond of New Moons?

Every New Moon represents the beginning of a new cycle. When the New Moon coincides with an eclipse (like tomorrow, December 14 2020), we can consider it like an invitation to look deeper inside, in our “shadow zones” or grey areas, to discover something we can bring to light in order to understand more of ourselves.

This New Moon takes place in the Sign of Sagittarius, which represents also the aspiration to knowledge, freedom and truth.

What is “the truth”? What is “true”? And what is “freedom”?

As usual, mine is an invitation to look inside, within ourselves.

We hear proverbs like “the truth makes us free”. I still remember something that a wise told me long time ago, and on which I’m still reflecting: “the true freedom is the freedom from our own ego”.

If we assume that our “true self” is our essence, the blueprint of our nature, and our “ego” is the structure with which we identify ourselves and which includes our conditionings and beliefs determined by our experiences, the knowledge of our “self” is the lens through which we can understand what belongs to our “ego” and what belongs to our “true self”.

Every step we take to distinguish between our ego and our true self is a step towards the alignment with our mission, and “truth".

This celestial event poses us a question: what excuses are we using to protect ourselves from reaching a deeper level of self-knowledge, and so of truth?

Let’s reflect on this. We might find a clue to reach a wider degree of freedom.

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Avete notato che amo molto le Lune Nuove? Ogni Luna Nuova rappresenta l'inizio di un nuovo ciclo. Quando la Luna Nuova coincide con un’eclissi (come domani, 14 Dicembre 2020), possiamo considerare questo evento come un invito a guardare più in profondità dentro noi stessi, nelle nostre “aree oscure” o zone d’ombra, per scoprire qualcosa che possiamo portare alla luce per capire meglio noi stessi.

Questa Luna Nuova si svolge nel segno del Sagittario, che rappresenta anche l'aspirazione alla conoscenza, alla libertà e alla verità.

Cos’é la “verità"? Cosa è “vero"? E cos'è la "libertà"?

Come al solito, il mio è un invito a guardarci dentro, dentro noi stessi.