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"Cartoonizable" me...

When I was a very little child I had many dreams, among which I dreamt of working for the Walt Disney Studios in order to make people feel happy and uplifted.

Well, obviously I was totally in love with all the cartoons produced by “Walt Disney”, to whom I used to think as he was still alive and committed in creating personally all the characters I loved so much. I could keep watching Snow White, Cinderella and The Sleeping Beauty hundred times.

So many times I dreamt of being “cartoonized’ to enter that magical world and then bring back to Earth some magic, to make people feel happy.

My nature was compassionate, and even if I was so young I already thought that it would be good to help people feel happy and uplifted, being happiness and a good mood the first ingredients we need in order to attract all sorts of good things in our life.

Growing up, I went to the Art School to learn Animation, and one of my teacher used to say that my face was so expressive that I looked like a cartoon. Then, for many reasons, I never became an animator. Life had became though and intense. I lost someone I loved, I started struggling with some musculoskeletal issues due to dysfunctional posture while playing piano, and everything started becoming emotionally heavy and difficult.

I was starting to take myself and what was happening to me too seriously.

My way to healing passed through theatre and dance.

Thank to those performing arts, I started soon feeling lighter, and I quickly reconnected with my dream of making people feel happy and uplifted. Remembering of my “cartoon expressiveness” I started playing with it on stage.

In a few years, beside performing, I started following another call, the call to healing and teaching. On this path, the memory of my “cartoon face” was always present and very helpful.

I already hadI discovered to be a channel receiving inspirations and information from a higher dimension of Consciousness, and since that moment I’ve started doing my best to transmit the precious healing gifts I keep receiving.

In this role, feeling myself as a “cartoon” is a blessing.

I mean, I met so many wonderful people on my path, but also some people thinking to be the owners - or the messengers - of “the only truth”.

I never met a true Master, or Medicine Man/Woman, or Healer, claiming to be superior to someone else, or declaring that their path is better than someone else’s. I always noticed that those extraordinary individuals cultivate a remarkable sense of humour, and never take themselves too seriously. They take their responsibility very seriously, but they are always ready to laugh, even of themselves, and make people laugh. They spread humour, and I have to say that humour saved literally my life (I already promised to tell you more. I will do).

Part of my work is about help people feel lighter - physically and emotionally, learning how to deal with gravity and life in general terms. I’m always doing my best, keeping myself well grounded and oriented, remembering that I’m only an instrument, and being grateful for this. The best way to help people feel lighter is sharing with them my lightness. I cannot cheat. I share what I am, what I feel: my Essence first, then my skills and expertise.

Yes, I worked and I am keeping working hard in order to give the best to whom connects with me, but I keep always in my mind that “I’m just drown that way” (quoting one of my favourite cartoon characters, that is Jessica Rabbit, from one of my favourite movies that is “Who framed Roger Rabbit”). I feel I’m part of a very big picture, much bigger than “me”, and I keep playing my role on this Earthly stage, cultivating happiness, gratitude and, of course, sense of humour.

Thanks a million to Enzo Mecca who made my dream of being “cartoonized” come true, immortalizing me and Greta (the cat who takes herself very seriously when it’s food time…).

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