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Keeping smiling

World Circus Day today! Your Dancing Fairy (me) has an important message to release.

Laugh. Smile. Smile to your neighbours. Create lightness. Spread happiness, or at least spread humor, around you. And, above all, never take yourself too seriously!

I'll share more soon about the importance of keeping our sense of humor alive.

I have been working in the field of self development since 1990's, both as a consultant and as a teacher/trainer. As a bodyworker, I have being working also in the field of movement rehabilitation. At the same time, I always kept working as a performer and entertainer because I love to bring lightness in people's life. And so I'm sharing this picture, that was just taken in a very crowded train.

I use to carry a clown nose in my backpack, so when I feel I'm taking myself or anything else too seriously, doesn't matter what, I immediately put my red nose on, smiling to the world, independently from where I am. This makes me immediately feel lighter, reminding me of relativity and perspectives.

Did you ever thought to carry a clown nose with you?

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