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Hosting Ghosts (EN - IT)

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

A kiss from a Ghost

It sometimes happens that I host ghosts. I mean, sometimes I provide them a safe place to recover after a troubled death, sometimes a quiet place to integrate their life experiences, and sometimes I just enjoy all the messages and inspirations coming from them. It’s not a very common occupation. And of course, I don't take it as a job. It’s something that sometimes happens, with some funny side effects in my life (fortunately I have a good sense of humor, good enough to find funny almost everything, even if it is dramatic). And I could define it as a calling, or something probably related to my nature.

It started when I was a teenager. It began with my piano, which started playing by itself. Everybody in the house heard it (my parents, my grandmother, my sister). We thought my cat had been closed in the room, so I went to open the door… But the cat was not there, and in the room instead of the cat there was a very intense smell of incense, that lasted hours, despite having opened the windows (and despite our neighbors’ barbecue party going on just below that window).

At that moment, we thought of a ghost. We were open-minded (or just weird) enough to believe in ghosts. So we thought of a friendly ghost who just passed to say ‘Hello!’ in his ghostly way.

Then I started to receive 'visits'. Some months later I found an imprint, an imprint left by a mouth, a kissing mouth, on the mirror. I was brushing my hair, and the mirror was clear and clean. Then I bent my head forward, always brushing my hair, and when I stood up looking in the mirror again I found this imprint. It was a mouth in a kissing attitude, and just above it, there was also the imprint of the nose tip like someone had just kissed the mirror leaving the imprint of the lower half of his (her) face. The most relevant thing was that under the nose tip imprint there were also thousands of microscopic drops of vapor like someone had really leaned his/her nose and mouth on the mirror leaving also his, or her, breath imprint. And the weirdest thing was that this vapor didn’t disappear in more than a year. It stayed there, together with the mouth and nose imprint, always 'fresh' like just exhaled. We were really impressed, so we didn’t touch anything and it remained there…Until the day that my mom hired a housecleaner, forgetting to tell her about this phenomenon. And so we had again a very clean and clear mirror.

After a few of these phenomena, I was not surprised when I started to feel invisible presences surrounding me. I might call them 'circles of spirits', or 'cohorts', maybe. I could distinguish different kinds among them. And, day by day, my ability to feel them, 'see' them, and communicate with them increased.

Some of them seemed not to be ghosts but 'living beings' belonging to another dimension, invisible to the eye (we could call them faeries, or genies, according to different traditions). A 'cohort' composed of gentle and wise, or creative and brilliant faeries and genies (and some impetuous dragons, too…;), who usually inspired me artistically, and who left messages and teachings focused on the importance of increasing self-awareness, presence, consciousness, self-knowledge and respect for ourselves and for the world in which we are living. Sometimes (but very rarely, and only for a very specific purpose) they left also a physical sign of their presence, i.e. little objects, semiprecious stones, rings, etc.

Or imprints...on the mirrors.

Some of them, however, seemed to be really human ghosts. Friendly ghosts, often a little bit in trouble, sometimes coming in order to leave a message addressed to someone still alive, sometimes in search of a safe place in which to find comfort after a troubled or unexpected death. I especially host people who died suddenly, too suddenly to understand (or to be able to accept) what was going on. Sometimes they feel frustrated, sad, with regrets for having lost (in their opinion) some opportunities in their life. For reasons too long to explain here, they find it easier to connect with me than look at their new dimension of existence directly. Sometimes they send me messages through dreams (that are not really dreams. I learned to distinguish between 'dreams' and other kinds of openings to other dimensions which I’m allowed to visit in a state between sleep and wakefulness, or similar to sleep). Sometimes they communicate with me using a 'common mental space', a dimension of thoughts and emotions that we share for a period until their integration process is complete (yes, that's the weirdest part of the experience... Because I'm very empathetic, and so you can imagine what this kind of 'sharing' means to me). It seems that they find in me a kind of 'counselor', sometimes a coach, or just a listener, able to transmit them peace, balance, and non-judgment, and to help them to find their way to another dimension of life.

Sometimes they have requests that I’m not able to fulfill immediately. Especially when they ask me to send a precise message to some of their beloved ones who are still alive. I had a hard time explaining to them that it’s a little embarrassing to knock on anyone’s door and say "Hello, I have a message for you, it comes from someone who loves you and who passed away". So, usually, I wait for the 'right moment'. And usually, maybe after years, the right moment comes, and I meet 'by chance' the right person (and then I usually become crazy trying to find a 'reasonable' way to transmit the message).

But some of them have a very particular nature. They seem to be half-human ghosts and half beings belonging to the genies kind. In many spiritual traditions and folkloristic tales, we find that there are individuals not completely human, but 'crossed' with another kind of beings like faeries (in north European traditions) and genies (in middle East traditions….and many others), or at least strictly connected with them (no, it doesn’t mean that one of their parents had necessarily a love affair with a fairy or a genie…It happens because sometimes faeries and genies feel attracted to experience human life, and sometimes they are called to it).

Usually, individuals 'crossed' with genies are defined as 'genial', or 'geniuses' (and often they are labeled as 'mad', when they don’t find a way to express themselves, or if they feel misunderstood), and usually in their earthly life they are acknowledged as artists, sometimes very charismatic and magnetic, able to attract crowds without any effort (whereas individuals crossed with the fairies appear to be more dedicated to nature, to the arts and to care for others...I'm sure I'm one of them:). They are a very interesting category of ghosts-not-ghosts. They can be at the same time very troubled and very generous, very demanding and very happy to be helpful. Usually, they have a 'mission' to accomplish, even if they are passed now to the invisible side of Life, and often this mission is related to inspiration. They become bringers of inspiration to humankind, and they continue to work by transmitting inspiration to others. But sometimes they need a little help in order to reorient their energies, after their passage beyond the threshold between Life and Death.

Well…I’m glad to host all these kinds of guests. Of course, it’s not easy. It’s like living a secret life overlaid on another, and after a 'near-death experience' and another couple of close encounters with Death, my sensitivity and intuition have even increased. And it’s not too easy to deal with daily life, being so intuitive. But I learned and I’m still learning a lot from this experience. Of course, it doesn’t happen every day that I host some of these souls who have specific demands.

It happens sometimes, and it can last days, months, years…according to the personality and the nature of my guest of the moment, and according to his or her needs (and also to the lesson I have to learn).

In the meantime, I feel continually surrounded by my invisible inspirers, and my life continues, in this rich, beautiful dimension in which I flow, like in a dance, between the visible and invisible worlds.

After all, as William Shakespeare wrote:

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”- Hamlet (1.5.167-8)

If you want to know more about these experiences, I think you would enjoy my book Turn to Heal - Dancing Beyond.

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