Monica Canducci

Monica Canducci


I help spiritually-minded women over 35 who are ready to upgrade all areas of their life but feel the need to strengthen their intuition and ability to connect to their inner resources to gain more clarity, achieve alignment, and develop self-reliance.


Working with me they learn how to experience fulfillment, manifest their full potential, live in harmony with their surroundings, and thrive, integrating their spiritual development into their practical life.



Are you aiming at transforming any perceived limitation into a resource or opportunity?


Would you like to turn your challenges into achievements and become the best version of yourself?

Are you ready to express the freedom of your Spirit by experiencing new freedom through your Body?


Attune with your Spiritual Essence and tap into your inner wisdom.

Reconnect to your Divine nature and live aligned with your true Self. 


Understand the connections between your mind, body, and the surrounding world to live a fulfilling life.

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A deep 'Thank You!' to Monica, a precious and enlightening guide towards awareness and fulfillment.


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Blue Smoke

Are you a woman dealing with life’s various challenges and transitions? 

Are you looking for a way to understand the messages you are getting from your body?

Do you yearn to share your True Self with the world?


Are you suffering from symptoms caused by perimenopause or menopause?

Are you aiming for healing to express your Feminine wholeness in all its glory?

Do you feel there’s something holding you back from unlocking your full potential, achieving the changes you desire, and thriving?

The Sacred Body - Monica Canducci
  • Embrace transformation to unleash your full potential. 

  • Support natural healing, achieve alignment, and thrive.​

  • Achieve desired changes in your body and life.

  • Live a fulfilling life free from fear and anxiety.

  • Turn all of your life challenges and transitions into the time of your life independent of your age.

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Wild Nature

"Thanks Monica!

Thanks because you gave me the opportunity to know myself through my body and achieve a new level of freedom. I feel reborn and my attitude in life has changed for the better.

All women should have this experience, through embodiment, of how much happier their lives can be. Thanks again!"


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In my work, I integrate the most recent discoveries in the field of somatics and psychophysiology with the transmission of ancient spiritual wisdom, healing practices, and knowledge from different parts of the world.

I provide the safe space, support, and practical tools my clients and students need to achieve clarity and wellbeing, accomplish any desired transformation, and take a quantum leap towards a fulfilled life. 

My work is creative. I tailor personalized pathways so every woman can work one-on-one with me, according to her needs and goals.  

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"Monica has a unique and deep understanding of the body, mind, spirit connection.

She brings great compassion and understanding into her broad spectrum of healing techniques, which is what makes her so deeply helpful."



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My work is based on the connections between our thoughts, emotions, body structure, environment, and spiritual purpose.  

By unveiling these enlightening connections we can accelerate the creation of new patterns to get rid of the old and open ourselves to a new and richer dimension of life and experience, reconnecting to our True Self.  

By reconnecting to our True Self we can bring to the light our deepest, intrinsic, hidden resources to achieve healing and clarity, and take the necessary steps to align with our best possible future.

Monica Canducci - Balance


Discover the connections between women’s physiology, Nature’s elements and cycles, and the many challenges women face in our world and daily life

Embody your Feminine Wholeness by reconnecting to the sacredness of your body.

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Find and download the

First Chapter of my book

"The Sacred Body" for free! 

My Books

"One of the things I like about Monica Canducci is that you never know what she’s going to tell you.

In one way or another, she always amazes you and takes you to unexpected shores."



The Healing Attitude by Monica Canducci

The word healing comes from both 'whole', which means complete, integral, intact, and 'holy', which means sacred.

Reconnect to your inner resources and true Self to find your “inner medicine” and source of wellbeing

Find and download Chapter One of my book "The Healing Attitude" for free! 

Sacred Painting - Hecate - Detail, by Monica Canducci



When I work with women who are ready to step into their wholeness, most of the time I start downloading visions about the higher version of their Self: their Spiritual Portraits. 

A Spiritual Portrait - or Sacred Portrait - is an incomparable instrument to amplify the resonance with your True Self, and to access your hidden resources and Divine Wisdom. 

Sacred Painting - Hecate - Detail, by Monica Canducci

A Spiritual Portrait comes with embedded transmission and activations which constantly calls you to the highest version of your Self. It’s like a compass guiding you towards your truth, spiritual mission, soul call, and purpose.​


I am a Renaissance woman. I am passionate about spiritual searching, arts, and mind-body-spirit connections. At 57-years old, I am an author, certified Rolfer, Morales Method® Certified Instructor, HeartMath Certified Practitioner, Transformational, Mindfulness, and Spiritual Life Coach, the creator of the Move In Mind™ Method, and transdisciplinary artist with a strong intuition. 


I was only 17 years old when I discovered to be a medium, an intuitive, and a channel, and this brought me to look for explanations, both on a scientific and a spiritual level. So I started my quest, and I began to work alongside spiritual teachers, masters, healers, shamans, medicine men and women lineage carriers from different parts of the world, receiving spiritual healing transmission.

In my 40’s, a healer and spiritual teacher with whom I was working told me that menopause would coincide with my ultimate initiation, allowing me to fully step into my role of being a guide for women struggling with life challenges and transitions. 

But when my moment arrived, I held myself back. 

I was reluctant to fully embrace my role, my mission, and my calling. 

And then the unexpected happened: I was hit by a viral infection that brought me to the threshold between life and death. 

I experienced a complete breakdown. 

At that moment I felt clear that I was at a turning point. I had to stop hiding behind excuses and embrace my role as a guide supporting women in their processes of transformation. 

The moment I accepted and surrendered to my calling, I started to heal. It took a quantum leap of faith to reconcile with my shift in identity.

I was called to create something dedicated to all women who are ready to make a life-changing leap but don't feel supported, confident, or aligned enough to do it.

This is why my mission is to create a better world by helping women struggling with life challenges and transitions take the steps necessary to transform their life by reconnecting to their True Self, and radiantly thrive, independently from their age. 

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Connecting with Waters - Monica Canducci
The Sacred Body Workshop with Monica Canducci
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Monica & Makwa
Monica Canducci


Write to me, we will schedule a free video call. 


We will find out if and how I can help you turn your challenges into resources, and achieve fulfillment by embracing your True Self.


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Monica Canducci

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