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The Healing Attitude by Monica Canducci

Find the Meaning of Your Symptoms and Embrace the Healing Process

The Healing Attitude by Monica Canducci

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The healing attitude can be developed to support any healing process and turn any health challenge (or life challenge as well) into an opportunity to discover something new about ourselves and our relationship with the world around us.


Whether you are suffering from symptoms due to illnesses, injuries, or disease, or you are working to facilitate and support other people’s healing processes, this book can help you connect the dots and offers some easy and practical suggestions and tools to empower your or your clients’ and patients’ healing process as well.

You can read this book and find inspiration independent of your beliefs because it is not about a method or a specific path. It’s about the attitude supporting healing and well-being, whichever path one wants to take.


The Healing Attitude is, above all, about reconnecting to our inner resources and true self to find our “inner medicine” and source of wellbeing.


Whether you are interested in healing from a strictly scientific perspective, or from a spiritual point of view, it’s your attitude towards the healing process that can make a difference. 

In this book, you will find inspiration and practical tools to make your journey towards healing meaningful.

The Healing Attitude by Monica Canducci

What a beautiful book!

This is such a treasure for the world, right on time, as humanity struggles to recover from the global pandemic. Monica generously shares not only her hard-earned wisdom, insights and gives sage advice aplenty, but she also offers free resources and tools that anyone can put into practice.

“The Healing Attitude” resonated deeply with me. You won’t regret buying it, and will likely get immeasurable value from the contents, as you dip in from time to time to refresh your memory, reinforce inspiration or find greater meaning than from the first reading. I highly recommend contacting Monica for her courses and personal consultation.

Paloma Gaskin, Author & Artist

I appreciated the flowing and seemingly simple form of the book, typical only of those authors who know deeply the subject matter. Through the pages of the book, one feels at the center. The author remains in the background to give prominence and light to the reader and finally resurfaces to re-immerse the reader in vivid, colorful, real experiences.
Monica brings together and integrates different levels, physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual, using a language and style that reaches deeply. She touches you, evokes memories, images, induces emotions and sensations. During the reading, the various dimensions of the reader are activated.

This book, maybe even more than the previous ones, leads to experience its content. A multidimensional reading, not only involving the cognitive level. An experience.

The Healing Attitude can help us build a constructive attitude to life in order to take care of ourselves and enjoy life. 

Patrizia Mestieri, Psychologist & Psychotherapist

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About The Book

The Healing Attitude is divided into three parts:

Part One
A three-chapter journey to define the healing attitude, both from a scientific and a spiritual perspective. 


Part Two
Eight chapters, one for each letter of the word HEALING, plus a chapter about the ATTITUDE, aimed at giving you suggestions, inspiration, practical tools, and insight to walk on the path towards healing. Part Two includes the description of the most important steps towards the building, practice, and expression of the healing attitude.


Part Three
This part is meant to practically support your healing journey, or your work to help others on their healing path.
In Part Three you’ll find healing myths, symbols, inspiration, and tools integrating modern science and ancient knowledge from traditional healing and spiritual paths.


In this part, you will also find a link to access practical tools supporting your healing journey, which include:

  • Audio meditations

  • Video meditations and activations

  • Other resources, aimed at helping you create inner states promoting and facilitating healing and recovery processes.


Let the journey begin...

Monica Canducci

Monica Canducci

Monica Canducci is an author, artist, embodied spirituality teacher, embodied feminine and transformational life coach, and spiritual advisor committed to supporting individuals in their healing journey.

Monica was born in 1965. Since her 20s she explored many mindfulness and movement awareness-based disciplines, as well as different dance styles, to enrich her range of expression becoming an authority in the field of embodiment. 

Beginning in the 1990s, Monica has studied neuroscience, hypnosis, meditation, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and several healing practices from different parts of the world alongside with shamans, healers, medicine men and women, and spiritual teachers. She is constantly exploring the interconnections between body structure, thoughts, and emotions from both a scientific and a spiritual perspective. 

Monica describes herself as a Renaissance woman of present times, able to integrate science and spirituality. She is a Certified Transformation, Mindfulness, and Spiritual Coach, an acknowledged Astrologer, a Certified Rolfer™, the creator of the Move In Mind™ method, supporting nervous system rewiring, and of The Sacred Body Program, aimed at helping women overcome their life challenges and transitions.



Reconnect To Your True Self...

Embrace The Healing Process!

The Healing Attitude by Monica Canducci


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Purchase Your Copy Of 

The Healing Attitude Now...

...By clicking on the button below, or CLICK HERE to download Chapter One for free!

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