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"And then the moon, like to a silver bow

New bent in heaven, shall behold the night

Of our solemnities."

W. Shakespeare - A Midsummer Night's Dream, Act 1, Scene 1

The Feminine dimension is deeply connected to Nature. 

Women know Nature’s cycle from inside, because the natural hormonal cycle usually counts the same number of days as the lunar month. 

Actually we can notice that lunar phases reflect seasons, and day-night phases, too. In all the ancient cultures and traditions on Earth, those phases have been associated with Goddesses.​ The Goddess archetypes are deeply connected with Nature and its cycles.

In all of the cycles of Nature, we can find four main phases.

Marie-Michelle Faber in the role of the Moon Goddess 

(Amaluna - Cirque du Soleil)

Photo credits: Alternavox Magazine

  • A dynamic moment of awakening, as Spring, the crescent Moon, the element Fire and the sunrise. This is the pre-fertile phase, connected with childhood and the Maiden archetype.

  • A moment of full activity, full of gifts and light, as Summer, the Full moon, the element Water and noon. This is the fertile phase, connected with motherhood and the Mother archetype. 

  • A moment dedicated to changes, as Autumn, the wining Moon, the element Air and the sunset. This is the pre-menopause phase, connected with the quest for self-realization, and the Enchantress archetype.

  • A moment dedicated to to rest and recover, as Winter, the New moon, the element Earth and midnight. This is the phase connected with menopause, re-birth and the achievement of wholeness, freedom, and the full expression of femininity. 


Every phase brings us particular “gifts”, but sometimes we are not able to open ourselves to these gifts and to their transformative energy. Sometimes we would need one these gifts, but we are living a different phase.

Sometimes we need just to recognize these gifts in ourselves, and re-integrate them in the present moment. In fact, in our lifetime we experience changes, as in natural cycles. We may experience moments of great vitality, but also “falls”, and sometimes we don't find easy to stand up again. 

By experiencing the connections between our body, thoughts, emotions and the Nature surrounding us, we can learn how to respect and manage every phase.

By deepening the knowledge of symbols and archetypes related to the world of Nature, we can better understand our personal, true Nature. 

By experiencing meditation, breathing work, movement and dance together, we can learn how to draw from our inner resources, mastering our energy and flowing with Life.


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