The Goddess Within


A Journey to Sacred Wholeness

Embody the Goddess & Fully Express Your Femininity

Are you looking for a way to connect effectively with Nature's power and fully express your femininity?
Learn how to attune with your inner Divine Energy and connect to your Sacred Source of Life.

Embody the Elements of Nature and express your inner Goddess. 

 I am Monica Canducci, a 56-year-old teacher, certified Rolfer, Counselor, and Transformational, Mindfulness, and Spiritual Coach, and the author of several books about self-development, healing, natural magic, and embodied spirituality.

I am an expert in the field of psychophysiology, neuroscience, anthropology, esotericism, amongst other areas. I have worked alongside healers, spiritual teachers, and linage-carriers from different parts of the world (you can meet some of them HERE) since my 20s.

In my 30s I began leading groups aimed at helping women connect with their intrinsic resources, express their Divine essence, flourish, and thrive in harmony with the surrounding world.

Now I am here to support you in your Sacred Journey leading to the embodiment and manifestation of your Divine Essence and Nature.


Your body is the sacred instrument through which you can realize and manifest your spiritual nature.


Your body is the precious instrument through which you can shape the changes you want to create in your life, freeing yourselves from limiting patterns, habits, and attitudes, and also from all the obstacles holding you back from the life you want.

Are you ready to embrace your Divine Nature, and shine?

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Monica Canducci - The Goddess Within

“At her first bleeding, a woman meets her power.
During her bleeding years, she practices it.
At menopause she becomes it."

Traditional Native American saying

Moon Phases

The Feminine dimension is deeply connected to Nature. 

Women know Nature’s cycles from the inside, because the menstrual cycle usually lasts as the Lunar month. 

The four Lunar phases you see in a month reflect the four Seasons of the year. 


The four Lunar phases and Seasons of the year reflect a Woman's life phases and stages. 


In most ancient cultures and traditions on Earth, those phases, Seasons and stages have been associated with Goddesses.


Those Goddesses represent the connection between Nature's Forces, Elements and cycles, and your inner resources.

Connect to your inner resources, embody the Goddess, embrace the Wholeness, and manifest your maximum potential in harmony with  the surrounding world.

“Women have always cradled within their bodies secret mysteries of life, death, and rebirth and the healing, grounding, and balancing powers of our Mother in the Earth.

We have held these mysteries sacred within us as we would carry babies in our wombs.”

Elizabeth Eiler


If you are ready to...

✨ Discover the connections between your physiology, Nature's cycles, and the Goddess archetypes

✨ Increase awareness, self-love, self-confidence, resilience, body-mind-soul balance, and wellbeing


✨ Feel radiant, beautiful, and sexy regardless of your age


✨Awaken, embody, and manifest the Goddess attributes to instantly achieve desired life changes

✨Express your radiancy, power, and freedom


✨Thrive through life transitions, turning challenges into opportunities, to live the life you want

✨ Reconnect with you inner Source of Life and experience the ability to rejuvenate naturally


✨ Embrace your sensuality​


✨ Enjoy your body as the sacred instrument through which you can manifest your spiritual essence

✨ Tap into your Spiritual wholeness to achieve desired transformation in your body and life


✨ Define what femininity means to you and create a life that reflect your values


✨ Unlock your powers of rejuvenation and express your strength, resilience, and beauty

Monica is an authentic, multi-skilled and super-talented teacher.  I don’t have enough words to do her justice. 


This year she’s become even more of a beacon of light for others in the world, and I was lucky to partake of her Program for women in transition.

I highly recommend her teachings, which consolidate what matters most in life.

If, like me, you’ve not felt grounded on this planet (away with the fairies!), then Monica offers a variety of pathways to be here in our precious body.

P. Hope, Author & Artist of Life

"I am deeply grateful for this journey of knowledge, empowerment and profound reflection with Monica.


Her teachings are clear, effective, imbued with spirituality and ancient wisdom, rigorously scientific and transmitted to us from her heart."

Maria Luisa Pierini - Retired Employee  

"A deep 'Thank You!' to Monica, a precious and enlightening guide towards awareness and fulfillment.
Monica enlightened me about the meaning of the cycles of Nature, inside and outside of us.
Now I keep proceeding, breaking free from my limits, aware of my sacred space, balancing every center, every aspect of myself, perceiving my resilience so to achieve full well-being."
Giulia De Cadilhac - Training Manager

An Invitation...


The Goddess Within Course is part of the Academy of Embodied Mystic Arts program.

It is a dynamic co-creative experience including one-on-one sessions to pass on the teachings, initiations, and spiritual transmission, including videos on demand to consolidate the practice of the movement activations and meditations related to the Goddess' awakening and embodiment.

If you are interested in this Course, feel free to contact me. You can write to me or book a free no-obligation consultation call.

We will spend 30-45 minutes together to explore your needs and goals and find out if my Course, The Goddess Within, is what you are looking for.


At the end of the Course you will receive a Certification of Attendance.


Monica Canducci - Lake Pellaud