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A Guided Journey through the Spirals of Life, Death, and Eternal Existence
for Greater harmony and Balance in the Now

to the afterlife and beyond book and ebook by monica canducci

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If you are reading this, it’s likely that you’re open to taking an extraordinary journey. 

Monica Canducci’s journey begins in her early twenties, when, already aware of her mediumistic ability since her teens, she receives an unasked-for gift from beyond the earthly realm. 

This gift is the presence of renowned dancer, Vaslav Nijinsky, whose spirit Monica embodies for several years, at first reluctantly, and then open-heartedly, as he guides her along a transformative path that changes her body and life forever. 

Known as the “God of Dance” in the early 20th century, Nijinsky returns through Monica to share wisdom gained from a life of fame, struggle, mental illness, and heartbreak.


From that experience, and subsequently through her own explorations and investigations, Monica comes to manifest what Nijinsky insists is a cardinal truth—that the body is a guide and a teacher, the sacred instrument of transformation, and is the gateway to a higher understanding of ourselves and of all Existence from a spiritual perspective.

Reading To The Afterlife and Beyond, you will discover both the practical and profound implications for personal development, transformation, and spiritual evolvement of humanity.  


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"If this book has found its way to you, rest assured it is meant to be.


The book details the author’s extraordinary experiences, yet its message is universal and translates into a powerful experience for the reader.

Though the events and messages within its pages challenge a traditional view of reality, the revelations and insights contained here lead to an intuitive and powerful place in which we all can live, should we choose to do so, and lifts a veil on a loving, compassionate dimension available to all."

—Evelyn Hart, Ballerina and Former Principal Dancer with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Order of Manitoba, Companion of the Order of Canada

"This is a story that catches you and captivates you, like an esoteric tale: and although this story may appear fictional or fictionalized by some of its extraordinary elements, I can assure you that it was experienced as it is told.”  

—Manuela Pompas, Author and Journalist expert in the Paranormal field

Monica gently and expertly guides us through an awareness-expanding journey.

We are asked to be open to the possibilities of communication beyond death and the vital role our physical bodies play in connection with our mental and spiritual bodies.

A profound reminder that living fully means connecting our hearts, spirits, minds, and bodies. Highly recommend!"

​—Colleen Coleman, End-of-Life Doula

"Expect the unexpected and allow it to channel through you.


To The Afterlife And Beyond is an entity set apart from anything previously written by its author, Monica Canducci, but still puts forward the same personal and accessible writing format, this author is lovingly known for. 

Herein, you will find the avenues to walk that will help elevate you spiritually and help you to hold a better understanding, grounding and outlook of the world around you.

Monica Canducci teaches several lessons and much more; through sharing her life's adventure, the teachers, and spiritual masters she has encountered, and beings who have blessed her life's purpose. Even though we have not shared the same experiences throughout life, I was able to completely relate to the context of what Monica Canducci had endured through, health, love, and human interaction in general. Questioning sanity while having to face the awakening of esoteric “gifts”.


Trying to move forward in the world as a basic human being but realizing that there is much more to her, and more to the world than what appears on the surface. After reading this life-changing book, my understanding of its mission, based on what it transmitted to me, is to bring the reader healing and gnosis, and from this, the reader achieves balance. For those who receive its calling, this book will eliminate any fear or doubt of what is beyond and what can be within the layers of this existence. It will hand over the keys that will open the perceptions of the mind, allowing you to see, feel, and know what the profane existence of daily life has hidden from you. No longer do you have to abide by societal standards of how you need to live, see, and feel. You have everything you need to heal. This book will help you utilize your tools and realize that there is so much to you and to the layers of existence. 


I have used the term book in discussing To The Afterlife And Beyond only because there isn't one other singular word I could fathom. Know that this work is nothing less than a journey walked as you venture through its pages. You'll find not one, but several lessons, and, also reflections to contemplate between these covers.  If To The Afterlife And Beyond has chosen you, then you are ready to reap its rewards. There is much treasure to be found here.

—Kindra Mehita, Author and Artist 

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About The Book

In case you have experienced a presence from beyond and have been confused or overwhelmed by the challenges it has caused in your everyday life, this book will guide you to work with your spiritual gifts and integrate the lessons from those experiences into rational life on earth. In it you will learn how to:

  • Find true balance between your rational and intuitive sides

  • Establish roots in both the earthly and spiritual dimensions

  • Cultivate self-awareness to realize your full potential in harmony with the world around you

  • Manage the tricksters of the spiritual dimension

  • Integrate lessons from the spiritual world into your daily life.

Drawing from four decades of training as a bodyworker, artist, and expert in the fields of movement and psychophysiology, Monica Canducci transports her readers through a mystical portal to a place of creativity, regeneration, healing, and integration, a journey that will take you beyond the definitions of life, death, space, time, gender, and more.

To The Afterlife and Beyond is the updated and expanded version of Monica’s book Turn to Heal. It includes the posthumous diary that Nijinsky wrote through Monica, two new Sections, and the channeled novel, Dancing Beyond (soon to be made into a major motion picture), in which Nijinsky’s ghost is the protagonist.


Let the journey begin...

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Original Painting by Monica Canducci

Oil and Pastels on Cardboard

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Cover Background

Original Painting by Monica Canducci Remixed by Marco Baldazzi

To the Afterlife and Beyond.jpeg
Monica Canducci

Monica Canducci

Monica Canducci is an author, artist, transdisciplinary teacher focused on somatics and embodied spirituality, and self-development advisor committed to creating awareness about the importance of reconnecting to the body and Nature.


As a teenager, Monica developed the ability to perceive the unseen and started working to 'connect the dots' to find meaning in her experience, pursuing the balance between the tangible and intangible aspects of life.

Since her 20s Monica explored many mindfulness and movement awareness-based disciplines, as well as different dance styles, to enrich her range of expression becoming an authority in the fields of somatics and embodiment. 


Beginning in the 1990s, Monica has studied neuroscience, hypnosis, meditation, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and several healing practices from different parts of the world alongside with shamans, healers, medicine men and women, and spiritual teachers. She is constantly exploring the interconnections between body structure, thoughts, and emotions from both a scientific and a spiritual perspective. 

Monica describes herself as a Renaissance woman of present times, able to integrate science and spirituality. She is a Certified Transformation, Mindfulness, and Spiritual Coach, an acknowledged Astrologer, a Certified Rolfer™, the creator of the Move In Mind™ method, supporting nervous system rewiring, and of The Sacred Body Program, aimed at helping women overcome their life challenges and transitions.


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