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Sharing gifts

I am receiving a lot of requests for Tarot readings in this period.

In many countries people are going through emergencies and practicing social distancing and self-isolation to prevent the spreading of the virus. This seems to increase the want to understand more about this event and its meaning.

So I decided to proceed.

We are free to think whatever we want about what's happening.

I am among those who are committed in supporting people in any challenge and creating a "lighter" atmosphere. So I keep working, providing online sessions, readings and training, I keep working on myself as usual, and I keep believing that we can turn this event into a valuable experience. In the meantime I'm aware that there are risks that we don't have to underestimate. My husband's family has been hit by a loss a few days ago. So I keep inviting everybody to nurture confidence and humour, trust immune defences and boost them, and at the same time act responsibly for oneself and others.

In this post I am sharing a few links to videos aimed at giving you some uplifting, meaningful insights, with a bit of humour, as usual.

The first video is about "what my Arcana say" on the present situation. It is a reading in which I'm telling you what's my Arcana's opinion. Guest star: Greta.

Greta is one of my three cats, definitively a "diva" (yes, I think her name plays a role...) and always ready to steal the spotlight.

Greta loves the camera so much that she decided to steal the spotlight even more in this second video.

I was asked to give a presentation of my books in a facebook group dedicated to artists and authors who want to share their work remotely, so I started recording this video. But look at what happens!

In case you are interested in any of my books or my online course about the Arcana, you can take a look at my BOOK page.

To make things easier, I'm also adding the link to this video. It is a meditation journey through the 22 Arcana of the Threshold. Enjoy!

Last, but not least, I want to make you a gift.

I strongly believe that every challenge hides a gift, or at least an opportunity. So, especially if you are among those who are going through a "retreat", I would remind you that it could be a wonderful opportunity to take care of yourself.

I have another website dedicated to mind-body balance and movement awareness, and since January 2020 I started sharing useful "tips and tricks" to achieve, maintain and improve wellbeing through exclusive videos, accessible only to those who subscribed to the Move In Mind newsletter.

Considering the moment we are going through, I want to also share with you the "secret page" on which you can find all those videos. Click HERE, enjoy them, and if you want to get the next videos I'm going to share make sure to subscribe to the Move In Mind newsletter (you can do so at the bottom of any page in the website).

Remember, our attitude is what makes a difference - in any situation. The more we keep a constructive attitude, oriented towards the solution, and committed to be part of the solution, the earlier we will enjoy the coming Spring.

Be well. Blessings,


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