Self Development, Healing & Spiritual Awareness


What happens when one day a rational young woman, who is still adjusting to the physicality of her own body, discovers that she is an open door through which invisible guests can come back to life, finding through her a way to complete unfinished tasks and share their experiences by writing a diary from the afterlife?

This is the story of my journey beyond death, space and time, so intense and surreal that it completely reshaped and restructured my body, my attitude, and my understanding of life on Earth.

I began to understand the meaning of "healing" and "integration", how to fly by staying grounded, and how to find light in the darkness.


Turn to Heal is a healing journey accessible to all those who seek spiritual awareness, presence and integration, in a dance beyond life, time and judgement. An engaging adventure as a well as a treasure hunt tinged with humor and wisdom, transporting you into the flow of healing and transformation, so that you can attain your own Spiritual Self realization in the process.


What lies beyond the earthly realm? Is there an invisible, ethereal world inhabited by creatures that cannot be perceived by the human eye? What if Fairy tales, myths and lore hid the secret code to access our deepest human resources? Is there a Secret beyond The Secret  enabling us to make any dream or wish come true? 


The Faerie Code is a guide and seven tales that provides access to the Faerie Dimension and its gifts. It discloses information from a realm that is invisible to most humans, but sometimes makes itself known.

Whether this dimension belongs to the inspiration coming from the realms of Consciousness, or rather to a subtle dimension where the Faeries are supposed to live, it does not matter much…because on the Faerie Path everything is possible....


The Arcana of the Threshold are the representation of the 22 steps which characterize a Path leading to Integration and Realization. They capture the essence of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the secret pages of the Book of Thoth

Portrayed by Monica Canducci, these Arcana belong to a dimension of Existence transcending space, time and any specific Tradition, and resonate with our Consciousness as messengers activating our own potential and hidden resources. They are true gates to imagin-action, working through the universal language of numbers, symbols and archetypes to give you access to the secrets of the Tarot, enabling you to embody the meaning and functions of the 22 Major Arcana.

By purchasing the video course you'll be able to download the book and 22 cards. An incomparable tool to achieve practical knowledge and Self Realization. 



The genesis of a powerful method for Intrinsic Sensory Integration able to maximize results in performance and rehabilitation. 

'To what extent can our mind, thoughts, mental images and language influence the matter of our body, through the fascinating connections existing in our nervous system?

To what extent is our nervous system plastic and able to rewire - and heal - itself?  How can we make possible the impossible?

Step by step, I will take you through the case of Claudio, a young man determined to improve his conditions 15 years after the accident that made him a quadriplegic, and you will become part of an amazing journey. This journey offers a way to learn the secrets of the sensory-motor imagery training that led Claudio to recover some of his lost functions. A training which is revealing its great potential day after day, both in movement re-education and in the performing arts - as well as the athletics field."

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