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Healing Moon - III

This blog post is the third of a series of three posts which are including a video Meditation* (in case you want to watch the first one, you can find it HERE, then you will find also the second one as the following post).

Here below you will find the video in which I am sharing a Meditation to be done possibly between September 18th and 22nd, 2021. But, as usual, and because I believe everything happens at the best time, in case you find this post after that date, just do it. It will be beneficial anyway.

The Meditation starts at about 09'00" (9 minutes after the beginning of the video), but if you are watching the video for the first time I suggest you watch it from the beginning.

This Full Moon on the axis Virgo-Pisces appears to be very close to the Autumnal Equinox. It is not just a powerful call to reconnect ourselves to healing within. It reminds us also that sometimes the only way out is "in".

Sometimes, we need a complete reset.

Sometimes the reset involves our values or beliefs.

Sometimes it involves only some of our habits.

Sometimes the reset needs an effort.

Sometimes we have just to let it happen.

This is one of the times in which we are invited to let it happen.

To let the reset happen, we have just to stop fighting against the current that in this very moment is enacting like the Autumnal wind, which takes away the dead leaves and makes them nourishment for the new leaves in the Spring.

We have just to stop fighting Nature and its cycles, and honor these cycles as we can, even with little daily gestures.

Any healing process, whether it involves our physical body, our emotions, feelings, or relationships, needs a reconnection to those Forces that Nature keeps in that secret and sacred Temple that is our own body.

Let's nurture a safe inner world.

Let's look inward, let's connect to Nature from within, allowing the Full Moon to amplify those healing Forces. Then let them flow through our body, awakening our deepest resources and bringing them to the light.

Let's bring more balance to our life, embodying the dance of the opposites, and becoming aware of Nature's cycles within.

We are part of Nature. We are made of Nature. Too often we forget that our human body - especially women's body - is a mirror of Nature's cycles. Too often we forget that the word "healing" comes from the words "holy" and "whole". Nature is whole, and by reconnecting to the sacredness of our body we can allow healing to happen.

By reconnecting to Nature from within we can start healing ourselves, our relationships, and our Planet.

Our inner work is essential, now more than ever, not only for our own healing but also for global healing.

Let healing flow through your body and life.

This Full Moon doesn't ask us to set a specific intention. It asks us to open ourselves to the dance of the Elements within. It asks us to perceive the nurturing healing currents - from Earth to Sky, from Sky to Earth - flowing through our body.

It asks us to let go of our need for control, and just let healing, harmony, and balance happen.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Enjoy the Meditation, and feel free to write to me if you have questions.

N.B. I suggest you practice this Meditation between September 18th and 21st 2021, but you can repeat it whenever you want. In case you find this Meditation after this date, please do it anyway. I'll share a little gift on Autumnal Equinox day!

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To deepen the topics related to the importance of reconnecting to Nature, I suggest you read the following books:

"The Sacred Body" by Monica Canducci (you can download chapter One for free HERE)

"And They Called Us Savages" by Dominique Rankin and Marie-Josée Tardif



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