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Full Moon November 2021

The coming soon Full Moon on the axis Scorpio-Taurus (19 November 2021) and related partial eclipse is an invitation to undressing from what does not belong to us and reflecting on the deepest layers of our being - our essence.

This axis speaks about belongings - what we own, what we inherited - and invites us to acknowledge who and what we really are, beyond what we identify ourselves with.

Let’s then reflect on the essential invisible to the eye.

The eclipse will add a touch of mystery, bringing a bit of darkness into the light. Sometimes we need darkness to look more deeply inside - otherwise, we could get distracted by the light. This Full Moon, independently from your ability to see it or not (and so independently from the area in which you live) is particularly useful to reveal us omissions. Things that we missed.

Ask yourself a question: If there was something you were not aware of, what it would be? If there was a blind spot, what it would be?

An unacknowledged resource, maybe? Or a limiting pattern that prevents you from moving forward?

Or is it a hidden source of power that we judged being inappropriate because it doesn’t really matches (in your opinion) with the path you are walking on?

This video is a Facebook “live” about this topic. - a bit edited because of too many technical glitches and uploaded also on Youtube. If you find this post after November 19, I would suggest you watch the video anyway because you might find something useful.

Enjoy it, and let me know if you want to share your thoughts, or if you have questions, or if you look for personal guidance.

Happy Full Moon!

English version:

Italian version:

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