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Forty Years of Mediumship

On July 9, 40 years ago, something happened - something that changed my life forever.

I have always been attracted to the invisible dimension of life, and as a child, I used to “see” and “feel” things mostly invisible to others. I was only 17 years old but I used to spend a lot of time reading books about spiritual paths and experiences. I was fascinated by mediumship, channeling, out-of-the-body experiences, astral travels, and more. Maybe my desire to connect to the spiritual dimension was also driven by a very uncomfortable feeling of alienation from my body and from life itself. I was considered an intelligent, creative, inspired, but also very physically and socially clumsy awkward teen.

So, when strange things started happening in my house - like my piano playing on its own, and other remarkable inexplicable events, I felt called to investigate. And I discovered I was a door on the invisible dimension of consciousness.

I started receiving messages from a world invisible to the eyes, and to me, it looked like a miracle, like my prayers had been answered. I looked for guidance from the unseen, and I found it. I felt blessed but also compelled to find someone belonging to the world of the living to get some practical guidance, too.

I looked for and found experts not only in the field of mysticism, spirituality, and esotericism but also in the fields of psychology and psychiatry. I knew that the phenomena I was experiencing in my life could be just a manifestation of my desires and fears.

Fear to live as a “normal” individual, and desire to feel somehow special.

I learned early in my life that our ego can hide even behind the appearance of a spiritual quest.

The discovery of my ability to channel information from a dimension of consciousness subtler than the tangible world in which we all live encouraged me to study, not only through books but by meeting people on spiritual paths around the world.

I learned to open my mind to different points of view, and different beliefs.

I learned about openness, respect, and relativity.

And the fun fact was that, by staying in touch with the spiritual dimension, I understood the value of our earthly experience, and of our body as our temple.

In 40 years I experienced so many degrees and shades of mediumship and channeling, but I would never say that I am “sure” about anything.

I am sure I went through many interesting and amazing enlightening experiences, but I would never criticize someone who claims to be an atheist, and never think that those who never experienced something like I did are “less spiritual” than others.

I feel guided by an invisible dimension, and this guidance works perfectly for me, that’s all.

I prefer to call it intuition and inspiration, that feels more neutral and understandable, and for sure this intuition and inspiration help me support other people in finding clarity and connecting dots when they work with me.

But I would never say that I am in the truth more than others.

I keep working to keep my “filters" (meaning ego) clean because I know perfectly that whatever inspiration I receive, comes out filtered by my life experiences and the colors of my ego.

I know that I'm responsible and accountable for keeping the message as pure as I can.

For many years I felt even ashamed about this “feature” of mine because it was not easy to understand this gift without feeling judged, by myself first, as a bit nuts.

But I owe to this particular gift all the books I wrote, the paintings I painted, my health itself, and even the posts I share, as well as the videos. When the inspiration comes, I have to say “yes".

Maybe I owe this also to my ability to listen to this invisible, intangible guidance and follow those not easy-to-follow instructions that made me take life turns seeming crazy, but …turning as blessings. Well, maybe I’m a bit weird because most of the time I take leaps of faith again all odds…but it works.

I’m not mad. I’m just drawn that way (my favorite quote, by Jessica Rabbit).

Forty years.

I wrote this post to honor the visible and invisible Masters who have been supporting me both in the visible and visible dimensions of Life.

And to honor this channel of inspiration that since 40 years ago has been allowing me to be the instrument and witness for enlightening experiences.

I keep walking and cleansing my filters, to improve my ability to get the messages clearly and retransmit them clearly as well.

After all, we can say that...

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

W. Shakespeare - Hamlet Act 1, scene 5, 159–167

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