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Finally... Ready to share!

Finally both the courses are online! ✨Friends, take a look at the link below and celebrate with me (and George)! And if you want to know what's behind this achievement, read this post until the end! ✨

Here is the link, but you will find it again before the end of this post, so you can just keep reading:

It has been a very intense year, spent mostly by recovering from disabling neurological symptoms (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis). As a “practical alchemist”, I believe strongly in turning lead into Gold, meaning turning potential limitations into resources and achievements. So, I worked hard on myself to turn the symptoms I was suffering from into the “kickstarter” I needed to do something that was in my mind for years: the creation of an online course about the Move In Mind method.

I created this method in 2009. It is based on neuroplasticity, focused on managing gravity, and aimed to optimize balance and movement coordination through mental imagery and mindful movement. When I shared it with a small group of professionals, it has been giving extraordinary results both in the field of movement rehabilitation and performance. Then I moved to Canada, I stopped teaching it and I just kept integrating it in my sessions as a bodyworker.

In this last year, I spent months practicing the Move In Mind method to recover, and this helped me optimize it. When I was bedridden, in the most acute phase of the symptoms, I had enough time to realize that, before the virus hit me, I was just keeping the Move In Mind for myself, doing little to share it. So I decided to turn my “inactivity” into an opportunity. I thought that at least I could create an online course to share the Move In Mind with a lot more people.

Finally I created TWO courses.

One is addressed to professionals in the fields of manual therapy, personal training (wellness, fitness and body-mind), movement education/performance, performing arts coaching and life coaching, who want to integrate this method in their practice and optimize their efficacy.

Clicking HERE you'll find the link to this specific course.

The other one, much simpler, is for people without a specific background, who want improve their posture and learn to move effortlessly, reducing pain and increasing range of motion. This last one is designed also for people suffering from symptoms of so called “chronic diseases”.

Clicking HERE you'll find the link to this specific course.

As I started working on the online courses, I reconnected with Marty Morales, founder of the Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration (MMASI). We had already spoke about to “welcome” the Move In Mind method among the programs offered by the Academy, and finally I took the step.

I strongly believe in turning challenges into achievements, and I’m so excited and grateful to share the news with you. This is for me a great achievement, and the beginning of a new phase of my life dedicated to teaching and sharing (and performing, of course, but this is another story…).

Today I’m celebrating my personal Thanksgiving Day, because it’s the perfect occasion to express my gratitude, celebrating and sharing all this with you.

I believe that the Move In Mind method can be useful for everybody. So, please, take a look at this page of my website, in which you can find all the information, to see if and why the Move In Mind can be useful for you too:

Please, share this post with your friends who could get benefits by taking one of the courses, and with the network of professionals you trust. If you think that there is someone of them who could be particularly interested, or who could find benefits in learning/practicing the Move In Mind, please send the link to them personally, too, through a private message or an email. Here the link again:

You will support me in this new phase of my life, which is devoted to creating something helpful for many, and you will help other people to find new resources to live lighter, happier and healthier.

Thank you.


PS: I will never bother you with e-mail campaigns, funnels or things like that. If you subscribed, or will subscribe to my website, I will keep sharing with you only my inspirations and the content I believe useful for personal development. And sometimes, as I did today, I will share the news about my challenges and my achievements, hoping you find inspiration from this.

Thank you for reading, and for being part of my life. ✨

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