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Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving Day, so I want to share with you my gratitude for the bountiful harvest with I have been blessed this year.

It has been a year full of challenges, insights and achievements. The challenges seemed insurmountable but at the end turned into something precious, and so I feel enormously grateful.

I’m thankful because I found my way to overcome both invalidating symptoms and diagnosis.

I’m thankful because I felt understood and supported by my wonderful family (my husband and son, my parents, my sister and my parents in law), by my amazing friends and by the extraordinary people with whom I kept working on myself towards my rebirth.

I’m grateful because Life equipped me with a lot of patience, resilience and perseverance (and maybe stubbornness?), and tons of sense of humor, trust and faith, so I never give up and always believe in the impossible becoming possible.

I’m thankful because all the work I did on myself and all the skills and tools I collected and integrated in the past years did their job and so I’m here to write this post.

I’m thankful because, despite all the difficulties and neurological issues experienced one year ago, I came back to performing as a dancer, experimenting also something new that Is Burlesque, and that gave me an incredible boost (and lot of fun!).

I’m thankful because I met extraordinary people to learn from, in person or through their works.

I’m grateful because of the presence of so many tangible and invisible spiritual guides and “medicine people” in my life, to take example and learn from.

I’m grateful because this journey taught me so much that I could work the rest of my life just to share what I learned.

I’m thankful because this latest health challenge turned to be the perfect kickstarter allowing me finally to take the time to accomplish something I started 10 years ago and I never took the time to finish, that was the creation of a Certification Program for the Move In Mind™ Method that I’d already created.

One year ago, when I was hit by the strongest wave of symptoms ever, I was forced to leave my practice as a bodyworker and manual therapist. In the last 10 years, my work as Rolfing® Structural Integration practitioner was fulfilling and made me very busy, so I left behind the Move In Mind. I stopped teaching it and I stopped developing its potential, even if the results were remarkable.

The fun fact is that the Move In Mind method is what put me back on my feet, and I think I learned the lesson.

I’m deeply thankful because, through this health challenge, life gave me an extraordinary opportunity to take a big break from “being too busy” and finally perfect this method, coming then back in touch with Marty Morales, creator of the Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration, with whom a new nurturing collaboration has begun (big news coming soon!).

So, today I’m writing this post to celebrate and remind you that we can choose between blaming life and its challenges, or do our best to find something useful in what’s happening to us, turning the challenge into a resource and an achievement.

I’m not saying that everything “is” necessarily a blessing. There are things difficult to feel grateful for. I grieved when I realized that I can’t work with my hands on people anymore. I felt it like a loss. But I realized that, after giving myself a reasonable period to mourn, well, the decision about what to do with that is mine.

I think that there is always a way to turn a challenge into something useful.

When you feel that Life is challenging, be curious to discover what comes next. Ask for support. Cultivate your sense of humour. And keep trusting your inner resources.

There is always something to be thankful for, and you need to turn your attention to it if you want to get benefit from it.

Happy Thanksgiving Day, and thank you for being part of my Life!

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