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A Fairy Door to the Unseen (EN - IT)

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Faerie Door to the Realm of the Fairy of the Woods by Monica Canducci

(Italian below/ Italiano in fondo) Did you ever think, or wish, to be able to see and sense an invisible world, a parallel dimension populated of subtle creatures taking care of the Nature surrounding us? Whether your answer is yes, no, or maybe, please keep reading to find the gift I want to share with you today.

As a child, I was attracted to the Faerie world - as probably many other children. Growing up, I never stopped to believe in a kind of “magic”, present in our life even if somehow unseen.

When at the age of 17 I discovered to be a channel drawing information, first from the afterlife, then from a higher dimension of Consciousness that I perceive beyond the Earthly world, I felt compelled in deepening the experiential and practical knowledge of different spiritual paths, as well as of the functioning of the human being and of the connections between body, mind, environment and spirit.

In my spiritual quest, I never forgot the Faerie world, but honestly the access to it was not my priority. Until something happened.

It was the very beginning of 1999. I was still living in Italy at the time, in a beautiful and peaceful village built around a Medieval castle on a hill. That night I was alone at home, and I went to sleep as usual, after a cup of herbal tea and a simple meditation.

Suddenly, in the middle of the night, I was awaken by a sound. It was like a chant coming from another world. Actually, it was coming from my living room, but it was like if it belonged to another dimension. It was the most pure, beautiful, subtle, penetrating music I ever heard. Not a choir, not an orchestra. It was something incomparable and unique, not from this Earthly world. I felt like that music was penetrating into my brain and body, making me feel subtler and lighter, so light that I felt I wasn’t inside my body anymore. I wanted to get up to go into my living room (which was an empty, big room serving as a dance rehearsal space) to see what was going on there, but I felt like if I was chained to my bed. Actually I felt like I was going to be abducted somehow, and brought into a dimension in which everything was brighter, subtler and lighter. Then the music started fading out, and I started feeling my body again. I ran to the living room, but, of course, it was empty.

It was 3:15am. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I felt compelled to write, and so I let the inspiration flow through my hand holding the pen. Then, 15 minutes later, I was reading, amazed, the tale I had just channeled.

I started crying. In a sudden insight, I realized it was my story. In a blink I felt reconnected to my identity, to my path, to my mission. I felt a door had been opened, and that door was giving me a totally different perspective on my existence. The tale was titled “The Call of the Mountain”. It is the first of seven initiatory tales at the end of my book “The Faerie Code - A guide to the Faerie dimension and its gifts”*. If you keep reading you’ll find the link to download this tale for free.

It took years to integrate that experience. I would say that it took more than 20 years, spent searching, learning, understanding, accepting, surrendering, experiencing, sharing. During these years, I developed the feeling that it doesn’t matters whether or not we believe in the existence of Faeries. The only thing that matters is to keep ourselves open to new experiences. By deepening the understanding of how our mind works through hypnosis and neuroscience, and by learning a lot about anthropology and spiritual traditions, I realized that the most important thing is to keep our curiosity alive, and stay open to different ways of describing our perceptions, which are totally personal and relative to our personal experience.