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Wishing you Happy Equinox

Happy Equinox!

Thanks to everybody for connecting and keeping in touch. It’s a while since I wrote my last post here.

Finally I’m back, starting a new phase of my journey aimed at bringing light and lightness in everyone’s life, or at least in the life of those people connected with me.

From now on, I will share thoughts - blog posts and videos - aimed at bringing you meaningful insights… with a sparkle of humour.

In my life I learned to appreciate humour. It’s a huge part of our spiritual and healing journey on Earth. Humour saved literally my life, more than one time (I promise that I will tell you how, because that could be helpful).

One of the Spiritual Masters I met on my path taught me to never take myself too seriously, and this was one of the best advices I ever received, because I started looking at myself with humour.

This changed all my perspective about the world. Fears, insecurities and worries were replaced by curiosity and I was not anymore concerned or bothered by self-judgement or judgmental comments coming from other people. This is the reason why I believe that humour has a huge role in the life or everybody committed on a spiritual journey.

Anyway, right now I want just to express my gratitude to you for keeping in touch.

Just in case you want to check what I mean by saying “humour”, well, in the video linked here you can have a glimpse of it. Happy Equinox!

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