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When healing starts from a book...

In this post I want to share with you something very personal. Exactly one year ago, I started reading (and devoured) this book, “Feuding Fan Dancers” by Leslie Zemeckis. Reading was the only thing I could do.

I was bedridden, still recovering from the most acute wave of symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis ever experienced before.

My healing process started with this book (that I'm reading again, for the third time, because I love it). Apparently, it has nothing to do with healing. It is about the story of two dancers, Sally Rand and Faith Bacon, both claiming to be the inventor of feather fan dance.

I still remember how, by reading the story of those two women in such a moment of my life, I clearly felt a shift.

Sally and Faith couldn’t be more different, and their lives too. One of them kept dancing until she was 70 years old. The other one decided to end her life when she was only in her 40s.

This book helped me reflect on the different ways we can choose to give our life a shape and a meaning, turning our challenges into achievements, or give up. By reading, I realized that I was at a crossroad.

I could choose to give up considering myself affected by a chronic illness, or consider the symptoms as a challenging but transitory phase of my life, to be turned into something productive and useful for many.

I decided to take the second road.

I am a kind of “specialist” in the field of body-mind interconnections, and I knew I already had the tools to facilitate my recovery process. But above all, I felt guided by the “vision” of these two women, and other women like them - some of them giving up, overwhelmed by the lack of support and resources, some of them transforming their challenges into achievements.

So, my “healing vision” was about sharing my knowledge, my tools, my journey and my achievements with other women, starting with the method I created 10 years ago, the Move In Mind - which literally allowed me to get back on my feet already three times, after threatening health issues. I started healing by following the call about helping women first, and then I realized that what I have to share is not just for women, but for anybody.

Today I am celebrating an incredible achievement. I just finished EVERYTHING needed to publish two online courses about the Move In Mind method, coming soon both of them, with George starring, too (this is the reason why George is in this picture, reading with me). But the decision about creating these online courses started with reading this book, and this post is a way to acknowledge that and express my gratitude.

When we feel challenged and even hopeless, we can find inspiration from someone else’s life, work and story. I’m so grateful I found this book. I started reading it exactly one year ago, and it was my turning point.

Leslie Zemeckis is such an accurate and inspirational author, able to bring back to life the people she writes about. I am re-reading this book for the third time, and I feel so grateful to her for bringing these two women and many others to life - in my life, thought her books and films. I feel like all these women are now invisible presences guiding me towards new horizons, and I warmly encourage everybody to learn from them and their stories. Of course, as a highly sensitive person and a channel, when I say that "I feel their presence in my life" I don't mean it just metaphorically...That's my life!

Anyway yes, I am a fan of this author. I am a fan of all the women and men of the past (some of them still living in the present) she has been writing about. And I am a fan and supporter of every individual struggling with life challenges and transitions.

I know what it means.

Reading about other people's challenges helped me find my call, and follow it. I want just to share this with you and encourage you to keep learning also from other people's experience. Thank you for reading!

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