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Between Earth and Sky: Harmonizing Body, Mind, and Spirit to Invite Healing

Workshop led by Monica Canducci with singing performance of Giorgia Fumanti

A journey through the Elements of Nature - Fire, Earth, Air, Water - to harmoniously integrate the Masculine and Feminine and experience balance, alignment, joy of life, and well-being.

Vetan, Hotel Notre Maison (St-Pierre, Aosta Valley, Italy), Sunday, August 4, 3:00 PM - 7:30 PM

The workshop is led by Monica Canducci with the extraordinary participation of Giorgia Fumanti, and will conclude with a live performance by Giorgia Fumanti, followed by a refreshment.

An afternoon dedicated to self-care, listening to your body and heart, using breath as a tool for well-being, and gentle, mindful movement as an instrument to reconnect with our deepest resources, connecting with our earthly and spiritual roots.

During the workshop, we will work with Monica Canducci to awaken our body, ground ourselves, rebalance our psychophysical resources through movement and dance, and open ourselves to the vibrations of Giorgia Fumanti's pure and sublime voice, who will accompany us on our journey of reconnection with a live performance at the end of the workshop.

Giorgia Fumanti’s crystalline voice opens the heart, facilitating the integration of Earth and Sky in the sacred instrument that is our body, the “bridge” between spirit and matter. The workshop will conclude around 5:30 PM with a movement integration session guided by Monica Canducci to the live singing of Giorgia Fumanti.

After a short break, at 6:00 PM, the group that participated in the workshop will welcome everyone who wishes to attend Giorgia Fumanti’s live performance. Refreshments will be served outdoors afterward, in the beautiful setting of the mountains surrounding Vetan and the valley at its feet.

An appointment with singing that opens the doors to enchantment.


The event will be held in the tensile structure of Hotel Notre Maison in Vetan, which provides protection even in case of bad weather.

Comfortable clothing and layered dressing are recommended in case of variable temperatures.

To participate in the complete event (workshop with Monica Canducci and Giorgia Fumanti, Giorgia Fumanti’s live performance, and refreshments), starting at 3:00 PM:

● Please arrive a few minutes early to start promptly at 3:00 PM. Comfortable clothing that allows free movement are recommended, along with comfortable footwear (possibly also thick non-slip socks).

It is advisable to bring a cushion and possibly a blanket, have water handy to stay well hydrated, and for those more sensitive to the sun, adequate protection (hat, sunglasses, etc.) in case some activities are held outdoors.

● The recommended participation fee, which includes the workshop, Giorgia Fumanti’s live performance, and the refreshments, is € 40 (CAD 60).

● Places are limited to ensure participants have space for movement meditations.

The participation fee can also be paid at the time of the event.

However, to facilitate organization and ensure a spot, it is recommended and requested to book and pay in advance, by clicking on this link:

To attend only Giorgia Fumanti’s live performance and the final refreshment, starting at 6:00 PM:


● Please arrive a few minutes early to start promptly at 6:00 PM. The place will have chairs for the occasion, but you can bring a cushion if you prefer to sit on the floor.

● The recommended participation fee is €20 and can be paid at the event.

● To facilitate organization, please communicate your participation by writing to Monica (


Giorgia Fumanti, a star in the musical world, has been shining under the spotlights around the world for several years. She was born in Italy and moved to Canada (Quebec) in 2002. She has recorded 13 albums, sold millions of copies, won international awards, sung in the most prestigious theaters worldwide, and performed on five continents (the only continent she has not yet sung on is Antarctica).

Giorgia Fumanti is not only a highly successful singer with an unparalleled voice. She is also a Reiki Master and Yoga teacher, and besides her enchanting voice, she transmits harmony through her presence alone. She is an artist who makes singing her prayer to reconnect the heart and the Divine of those who listen to her. She uses music and vocal vibrations for therapeutic purposes and to enhance personal well-being. Giorgia Fumanti has experienced the healing power of music since she was very young: as a newborn, she was hospitalized, and her grandmother sang to her for her recovery, creating a bridge between the tangible world and the world of dreams. Today, Giorgia Fumanti creates that bridge with her voice, transmitting a state of deep peace, harmony, and heart connection that opens the doors to soul healing (watch the video "Over the Rainbow").

Monica Canducci is a teacher of body awareness and movement, and a consultant in personal and spiritual development committed to raising awareness about the importance of reconnecting with the body and Nature. Monica describes herself as a modern-day Renaissance woman who loves integrating art, science, and spirituality. She has explored various disciplines based on awareness and movement, as well as different dance styles. Simultaneously, she has deepened her study of psychophysiology, various bodywork methods, and different healing practices with healers, shamans, medicine men and women, and spiritual teachers from around the world.

Monica constantly explores the interconnections between body structure, thoughts, and emotions from both scientific and spiritual perspectives, and is the author of numerous books on personal development and healing. She is also known as “The Dancing Fairy” because people who work with her say they feel lighter, illuminated, supported, regenerated, and begin to live life as a joyful dance.

Monica Canducci was born in Italy and moved to Canada in 2012, where she met Giorgia Fumanti.

Their meeting inspired them to create something together, which is now taking shape.

If you have questions, please, contact Monica. Thank you!
Giorgia Fumanti: I Have a Dream
(Click HERE to watch the whole video)
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