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Invite a Fairy, learn the art of wish-making and live happily!

Photo credits: Chantale Riopel

Do you believe in Faeries? Actually, it doesn't matter much.

It seems that Faeries and Genies (like the Genie of Aladdin's lamp) speak a language which rules are very similar to the way our subconscious understands language, involving our body, too. 


Explore the secrets of the Faerie dimension and its gifts, by learning how to create an inner state promoting peace, harmony, wellbeing, healing.

Embody the energy of the Four Element of Nature (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) and discover the connections between thoughts, emotions, physical state and the environment.

The Faerie Code is a unique opportunity to meet a Dancing Fairy (who doesn't mind if you believe or not in her existence) and follow her. She will take you through a journey to access your deepest resources, revealing the Secret beyond the Secrets enabling you to make your dreams and wishes come true. 

The Fairy Code is a workshop taught by Monica Canducci (the Dancing Fairy), author of the book 'The Faerie Code - A Guide to the Faerie dimension and its Gifts' . It lasts between 1h and 2 hours (according to the audience) and includes dance, story telling and "wish-making".


The Dancing Fairy is based in Barrie, ON (Canada) and available to travel around the world to bring you the magic of this workshop. Due to the present situation, the workshop is NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE.

Invite Monica to lead The Faerie Code workshop for you and your circle, and live happily!

The Fairy Code - Show and Workshop

Contact Monica and book your 20 min free consultation.

For all enquiries contact 

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