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The Chant of the Trees

Photo credits: Dominique Robertson

What if the human being was able to hear the voice of plants, flowers and trees?

What if we could experience how plants react to our human emotions, feelings and intentions?

If Nature could speak to humans, what the message would be?​

This is the story of a child who followed the call of the Mountain, discovering an enchanted world, invisible to the human eye. 

The discovery of an ethereal dimension, responsible for balance and order in the Realm of Nature, will bring her to understand the secret of her existence and mission

This show is unparalleled: it includes story telling and dancing, but what makes it unique is that Monica Canducci, the Dancing Fairy, narrates and dances accompanied by live music performed by... plants, flowers and trees.

A unique opportunity to experience the magic of Nature integrated with science and technology.

At the end of the show, you will be brought into the Realm of Nature, and you will experience how plants react to human thoughts, emotions and intentions. 

Ask Monica Canducci, the Dancing Fairy, to perform this show (that is a kind of "workshow", having also educational purposes) for you and your guests.

This show is for people of all ages, very suitable for families, and can be ideally performed outside, but also inside (houses, schools, libraries etc. ). The Dancing Fairy can bring her plant, in case you don't have one!

Through the voice of plants, the Dancing Fairy will guide you to understand the connections between thoughts, emotions, the human body and the environment. 

Are you ready to listen to the songs sung by the Vegetal Realm?

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