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The Alchemical Heart


Heart-Centered Balance & Alignment

Our heart is the powerful, alchemical instrument that helps us turn our inner lead into gold.

This means we can learn to transform, first of all, our life challenges and inner limitations into precious resources - through the heart.

In many spiritual traditions, the heart is considered the healer, and the door to the Spiritual realm.

The most recent scientific research shows us how we can create deep transformation on both the physical and emotional levels by focusing on the heart. 


I created this Course, which includes 9 videos, to guide you through the steps I personally take while practicing and teaching the HeartMath techniques. 

I suggest you watch the 9 videos following their order and take the time to practice them before watching the following video.

At the bottom of this page, below the videos, you will find the link to the Course "The HeartMath Experience" I warmly suggest you take.

If you think that this Course could be helpful for someone you love, feel free to share with them the link to this page. 

The Alchemical Heart - English
Il Cuore Alchemico - Italiano