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The Alchemy of the Heart: Improving Stress Resistance and Emotion Management to Increase Mind-Body Balance

Alexia Bianchi and Monica Canducci are pleased to invite you to the meeting dedicated to "The Alchemy of the Heart" which will take place on Sunday 14 July at 6 pm in Covignano, in the splendid setting of Casa 280, via Covignano n.280, Rimini (RN).

Experiential meeting, rose tea & rosé wine on the grass.

How often do we think we would like the world to change for the better?

How many times have we read the invitation to "become" the change we would like to see in the world?

What can we do to transform our response to stressful events, to uncertainty, to situations that put us in difficulty so as to increasingly improve our mind-body-emotional balance and experience stability regardless of the circumstances?

And, above all...

Why "The Alchemy of the Heart"?

In many spiritual traditions, the heart is considered the healer and gateway to the spiritual realm.

In the Hermetic tradition, the heart is associated with the Sun and Gold.

The Alchemists aimed at transforming Lead into Gold.

Through some easy-to-perform exercises, we can turn our heart into a powerful alchemical tool that helps us transform our inner lead into gold, that is, our life challenges and our inner limits into precious resources.

In fact, the most recent scientific research shows us that:

  • the brain "receives orders" from the heart much more than the heart receives orders from the brain;

  • the heart has a central role in achieving emotional, physical, and mental well-being;

  • we can regulate the activity of our heart starting from breathing and simple exercises that involve perception and our ability to imagine.

In the meeting, we will experience how we can create transformations on both a physical and emotional level by bringing attention to our heart and breathing. ​

● 6pm-6.30pm: welcome of participants, presentation by Alexia Bianchi and introduction to the workshop by Monica Canducci

● 6.30pm - 7.45pm: experiential practice led by Monica (outdoors or indoors, depending on the weather!), which includes simple imaginative, breathing and gentle movement techniques.

● 7.45 pm: to conclude and celebrate with a convivial moment, rose tea and rosé wine.

We recommend comfortable clothes and footwear (with the possibility of possibly being barefoot)... and a playful attitude!

Participants who wish to contribute to covering organizational expenses will be able to do so at the event (free donation).

Please confirm your presence by indicating your participation on the event page, or by contacting Monica or Alexia directly, to prepare the space adequately (those who do not have Monica's contact details can send a message to Alexia Bianchi, +39 339 2419406).



● Monica Canducci is a writer, body awareness and movement teacher, and consultant in the field of personal and spiritual development. Monica loves to share awareness about the importance of reconnecting to the body and Nature and is also an artist and performer who defines herself as an "enlightening enter-trainer" because she believes in the therapeutic power of humor applied to learning. She describes herself as a Renaissance woman of current times, who loves to integrate art, science, and spirituality.

Monica is a HeartMath Certified Practitioner, certified Rolfer®, and creator of the Move-In Mind™ method, of which she is also an instructor at the Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration. Since the 1990s, you have delved into the study of neuroscience, psychophysiology, meditation, and numerous healing practices from different parts of the world, alongside shamans, healers, medicine men and women, and spiritual masters. Monica has always loved exploring the interconnections between body structure, thoughts, and emotions from both a scientific and spiritual perspective. She was born in Italy, moved to Canada in 2012, and more recently to California. She loves to punctuate her brief returns to Italy with meetings aimed at guiding people to discover themselves and achieve psychophysical balance.

● Alexia Bianchi is from Rimini, born in '73, graduated with honors in DAMS, and graduated from the Antoniana Academy of Dramatic Arts in Bologna. She deals with communication, press offices, and social media, plans and organizes cultural events, and conducts theater workshops for children and adults. She collaborates with the online newspaper

Contact information:

Monica Canducci

 Alexia Bianchi

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