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Transformational Astrology & Tarot

The Alchemy of Happiness: Know thyself, build your future - Life Guidance, Spiritual Coaching & Advice

These sessions are for people who are looking for adviceguidance and orientation (e. g. life transitions, important decisions, personal mission, etc.) or who feel "stuck" in a specific situation. However, you can also benefit from these sessions if you want to deepen the knowledge and understanding of yourself, distinguishing between your ego and your true essence or being, in order to manifest your full potential. This is an essential step to find your purpose in life and transform your life from within

Accordingly to your needs and goals, I might start with a reading by using the Arcana of the Threshold (a Tarot  deck I created, representing the Archetypes which describe our life journey and phases), or by another tool among the ones described below, all speaking the language of symbols.

Those symbols facilitate the access to unconscious information and resources, bringing them to light and unveiling enlightening connections to the eye of your mind and consciousness.

During a reading I work as an intuitive, a psychic and a channel. This means I open myself to information coming from a deeper dimension of consciousness to facilitate you in your process. 

I define my readings "transformational" because from them you can get the information you need to achieve a practical, positive and desired transformation in your life.

My Tools

Transformational Tarot: I use the Arcana as a mirror for the self  to achieve transformation. A reading is utilized to help you see clearly within yourself: understand the nature of your relationships and the meaning of what happens around you; help you turn your perceived limitations into resources and; align your steps with the future you want to manifest, in order to achieve the desired changes in your life. 

Astrology - Birth Chart & Astrological Transits an overview of your personality and mission or Life purpose, integrated with the the central issues of your personal development. It helps you make functional and appropriate decisions, aligning the present moment with the future you want to manifest. Particular attention is given to Chiron, "guide" to the expression of our spiritual attributes and "bridge" between the visible and invisible dimensions of being. 



Chakras Design: an overview of your "inner birth chart" to help you understand your self,  your mission and your interactions with the surrounding world according to the way your chakras have been designed to work. 

My transformational sessions last about 1h - 1h30 and are available in person or remotely (Skype, Messenger, FaceTime, Google Hangouts).

The sessions are aimed at helping you become aware of the whole picture of your life and path, to then transform perceived obstacles into precious resources.

I consider the "reading phase" as the first step on the path to self awareness, happiness and self-realization. The reading can be considered as a phase of the work already complete in itself.

Prices vary according to the chosen tools (between $90 and $160).

If you have questions and/or you are not sure about what to choose, contact me  to set up a 20 minutes free, no-obligation consultation. I'll answer your questions and help you understand if and how my work can help you effectively.

Spiritual Teachings & Counseling:

Life Guidance, Healing & Personal Transformation 

After the "reading phase", once you have recognized your hidden, unconscious or unexplored resources and also some beliefs and patterns which could be not aligned with your goals, you might decide to identify some practical steps enabling you to take action toward the best possible future. This phase is the true "alchemic work" aimed at untangling the knots and turning lead into Gold, which means turning your perceived limitations into precious resources. This phase of the work can help you find your path towards healing, happiness, success and self-realization. 

In this phase, I will work supported by my skills as an intuitive and a channel, and above all by my spiritual connections. I will share with you the secret teachings transmitted to me by the Masters and teachers I worked with during my life journey - secret teachings that I have been authorized to transmit to my students.

I might also use some transformational coaching tools, integrated with meditation, breathing and movement work. In fact, I believe that the body is the sacred instrument through which we can realize wholeness, and that our body structure plays a fundamental role in life changes.​

You might be given some "home-fun-work" to help you achieve your goals by increasing wellbeing, balance, harmony and lightness. 

Session are also available remotely (Skype, FaceTime, Messenger, Hangouts).

Contact me and book your 20 minutes free, no-obligation consultation to understand if these sessions are what you are looking for.

Customized packages for multiple sessions are available.

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