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The Listening Touch

Listening hands, touching words

A gentle touch, addressing the soft tissue (fascia), to facilitate psychophysiological responses and restore body-mind balance. Easy to integrate in any kind of touch and massage technique.

What is the Listening Touch?

"The Listening Touch®" is a specific kind of physical contact, that forms the basis of numerous touch therapies, including: cranio-sacral therapy, osteopathy, Structural Integration, etc. It is a gentle, non-intrusive touch aimed at re-establishing balance in the psycho physiological domain by the stimulation of certain neuro-receptors (proprioceptors) present in the soft tissue (fascia). 

When applied, the Listening Touch induces well-being and relaxation, supports recovery and healing processes, while promoting a reduction in pain. This touch is reassuring, supportive, and empathetic.

By learning the Listening Touch you'll learn how to get closer to others respecting their “personal space" and boundaries at the same time.

Last but not least, The Listening Touch is a form of demonstrative communication that increases the development and understanding of the ability to listen, as well as being a form of physical contact. It can be easily learned and it applies to everyone, from newborns to seniors, whatever their physical condition.

The Training 

The Listening Touch Training (2-day workshop) is easy to learn and can be integrated successfully in any kind of bodywork, touch and massage technique, and in all those professions in which touch is involved.

It is useful for whomever practices or intends to build up a professional practice based on the use of physical contact, such as medical staff, touch, massage, occupational and rehabilitation therapists, educators, child welfare officers, midwives, doulas, all those who give assistance, and also for instructors, trainers or teachers of sports, yoga and artistic disciplines (music, dance, theatre, circus, singing etc.). 

In fact, the use of a ”quality touch” is essential to create points of reference and stimuli that may increase the ability to perceive and, therefore, to coordinate movement.

Workshop objectives

Professionals can integrate the knowledge and the techniques offered in this training in their practice. 


You will learn:

  • How the Listening Touch "works" on our nervous system and may rebalance our psychophysiological functions

  • Different kinds of touch (pressure, angle, speed, etc.) and their effect on different nervous receptors

  • To apply different kind of touch according to your client's needs and goals

  • To use verbal communication congruently with your touch 

  • To integrate the Listening Touch in your practice

  • To increase your presence and ability to transmit support and sense of secuity to your client during a session

  • To "stay in touch" by managing and respecting your and your client's boundaries in the most functional way


Program (2-day workshop - Basics)

This workshop (14 hours) is practical and experiential, and the program includes:

  • The fundamentals of the Listening Touch

  • "Tuning in" with your client through breathing and touch

  • Exploration of verbal and non-verbal communication to establish functional habits while giving a session

  • Exploration of different kinds of touch and when to apply them according to needs and goals

  • Basic protocol to apply the Listening Touch in different professional contexts and daily life situations, including emergencies.

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