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The secrets of the Tarot unveiled through the Arcana of the Threshold, a unique representation of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. A powerful, transformative tool to achieve practical knowledge, healing and self-realization. 

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An incomparable tool to achieve practical knowledge on the path toward integration and  Self Realization. 

Immerse yourself into the Arcana of the Threshold

The Arcana of the Threshold is an incomparable instrument to cultivate presence and help you align with your purposes and goals. It is a guide to understand the connections between your inner world and the external, to help you achieve the practical desired results, express your hidden resources and achieve healing and self-realization.

The Arcana of the Threshold belong to a dimension of Existence transcending space, time and any specific Tradition, and resonate with our Consciousness as messengers, activating our internal potential and hidden resources. They are true gates to imagin-action, working through the universal language of numbers, symbols, letters, sounds and archetypes to give you access to the secrets of the Tarot, enabling you to embody the meaning and functions of the 22 Major Arcana.

In details:


  • The 22 Arcana of the Threshold work as a guiding system to support us in every aspect of our lives.

  • By approaching and studying the Arcana we can gain insight and clarity on where we are showing up on our personal journeys, where we are heading, what are the obstacles we are unconsciously creating, and the means to overcome them. 

  • When the 22 Arcana of the Threshold are looked at together in sequence, they represent the journey through life which every human takes over and over again, in every area of their lives. 

  • This journey is carried out through a specific pattern which mirrors the universal spiral configuration present in every aspect of creation.  

  • Just as there are 22 Arcana, there are also 22 steps to complete a pattern (journey) that shows up over and over again in the way we move our bodies, in our cognitive processing, and in response to the immediate environment we interact with.


The integration and embodiment of specific Arcana of the Threshold may help us to create: 

  • an awareness and recognition of a potential block

  • a discovery or understanding of hidden connections

  • an activation of one's potential

  • a transformation

  • a completion 

  • an awakening

  • a healing in our body

  • a creation of a new pattern (for ex. a new belief)

  • a closure of an old pattern (for ex. an old way of 'being' or moving)

  • a manifestation (a desire coming to fruition)

  • a change occurring in the external environment

  • a clearly understood direction or guidance revealed

Immersing ourselves in the images of the Arcana of the Threshold, we'll discover that they enable us to communicate with the dimension of the Consciousness, as a real access to the Inner World. 

An incomparable instrument that helps us activate our inner potential, enabling us to embody the energies and the functions they represent in order to manifest them into the world around.

Enter the Sacred Path and discover the Secrets of the Tarot.


Unveil, understand and “embody” the knowledge hidden in the symbols kept by the Major Arcana of the Tarot.


Perceive the secret meanings of the symbols and archetypes hidden in the 22 Arcana as “life lessons”.


Understand the correspondences between your inner world and what you perceive as your environment, and learn how to produce practical, desired results by meditating and “reflecting” on a specific Arcana.


Discover the connections between Sacred Geometry, ancient Spiritual teachings and the new frontiers of Neuroscience, enabling yourself to create new patterns and achieving control of your life.


Transform your life, orient yourself toward your best possible future and realize your hidden potential.

Unlock the Secret Door and cross the Threshold.  Achieve knowledge, healing and self-realization.

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