Available in English & Italian language

Monica Canducci offers Tarot Cards readings at your Party and special event, also remotely (Zoom).

Treat your guests by offering something unique, fun, inspiring and meaningful. Her readings are perfect fit with birthdays, Bachelorette parties, girls’ nights out, New Year, St-Valentine, St. John’s Eve, Halloween, Wheel of the Year celebrations and other holiday gatherings or corporate event. 

Monica is based in Montreal area, but always ready to travel to bring insight, inspiration, light and lightness to the world. 

Special Events & Celebrations:

Monica Canducci will provide 5 to 30 minute inspiring Tarot readings for your guests, leaving them happy and uplifted. She will show up in Faerie, Bohemian, classic or informal attire (according to your wishes and/or event theme), bringing her sparkles and insights to enlighten your special event.  

A minimal set up is required (a small table and two chairs in a discreet spot, or in a private room) for live events.

All the services are also provided online through Zoom.

f you are planning a smaller and more intimate gathering, Monica can provide longer readings for more depth and insight. For individual sessions, and to understand her approach, please look HERE.

A Tarot meet-up (mini-workshop):

If you want you and your friends to get introduced to the secrets of Tarot in a safe and meaningful way, this is your chance. Share this wonderful tool with your group and learn how to use the Tarot for your personal development and self-realization. Contact Monica and create a Tarot meet-up (or even a workshop) customized for you and your guests. 



There is a 45-minute minimum for tarot readings and meet-up/workshop parties, to a maximum of 3 hours.

Monica is available also to integrate “wish-making”, story telling and dancing (shows and group facilitation) to make your event unforgettable, even is it will be online. Look HERE for more details about more show & entertainment options. 

Monica is based in the Barrie - Toronto (ON) area but is always happy to travel to bring her sparkles to the world. 

Her rates vary and are based on a number of factors.


Get you free, no-obligations consultation and more information about special offers and packages by writing to mo.canducci@gmail.com or set up a free call.

Introducing myself

"I am an author, artist, mind-body facilitator, teacher, public speaker, entertainer and performer.

Among my activities, I have been giving readings and teaching the Art of Tarot since the 1990s.

I have given Tarot lectures and readings at tv and radio shows (CFMB Radio Montréal, Videomusic, TM2, RAI Italian Radio&TV), art exhibitions, book signings, conferences, Medieval festivals  in Italy and Quebec (Médiévales de Lanaudière), meetings and corporate events (Vodafone), as well as countless corporate and private events..

I have painted a unique Tarot deck which is available with the book and video course “The Arcana of the Threshold”. The original paintings were exhibited in many art galleries (Europe). 

For more info please look at my background and credentials.

Here an overview of some of my books.

Monica Canducci  ready for a reading
Monica Canducci ready for a reading

Tarot decks, ready for reading
Tarot decks, ready for reading

Ready for wish-making!
Ready for wish-making!

Monica Canducci  ready for a reading
Monica Canducci ready for a reading


Contact me and book your 20 min free consultation.

For all enquiries contact mo.canducci@gmail.com