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Spiritual Painting & Doors to the Unseen

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"Monica Canducci is also an accredited artist whose paintings have been exhibited in major cities around the world. 

Her art is inspired by the invisible dimensions of being and aims to establish a deeper connection with one's self. 

Among her artwork, the 22 Arcana of the Threshold, oil on canvas "portraying" the Major Arcana of the Tarot, has become an instrument for meditation and self development." 

Daily Press, December 2018 (Monica Canducci, unlocking the treasures within - by Kathy Colace) 





To explore more of my inspirations, like Portraits of the Soul,  Faerie Paintings and Fairy Doors, keep reading!

Portrait of your Guardian Faerie & Portrait of your Essence

Original oil on canvas portraits & paintings 

Portrait of Spiritual Essence & True Self
Portrait of Guardian Faeries & Spirits of Nature 

Portrait of your Spiritual Essence & Self

Honor yourself or a loved one with an original Portrait of one’s true Spiritual Essence or Higher Self.


Use it as an instrument to amplify the resonance with one's Higher Self to access hidden resources and  Divine Wisdom. 

Portrait of your Invisible Guardian 


Gift yourself or a loved one with an original Portrait of one’s personal Faerie, Genie or Elemental Spirit.


Use it as an instrument to align the Conscious Self with the Invisible Dimension or to connect more deeply with one’s guardian helper.

Each painting (oil on canvas or cardboard) is an original, personalized and unique piece of work. As a channel, I receive direct information from a High Dimension of Consciousness. Then I transmit the energetic information given to me solely through my fingers and hands, which spread and shape the colors as well as the channeled inspiration onto the canvas. 

To attune with one's Higher Self or Invisible Guardian, I request one's name, photo and date of birth.

Prices vary also according to the size you choose for your painting.

Discover HERE something more about the making of my paintings.


If you want only a ​PRINT of my paintings, available on different materials, find it on 

Fairy Doors - In touch with the Faerie Dimension

Invite a Fairy into your life and live happily

A Door to the Faerie Realms


Gift yourself or a loved one with a unique and personalized Faerie Door.

They say that Faerie Doors act as gateways to help you attract everything good into your Life.

I am the author of the book “The Faerie Code - A Guide to the Faerie dimension and its gifts”. The creation of a Faerie Door is a sacred process I realize in accordance with the Ancient Tradition.*

After a free 20-minute consultation I will customize and tailor your Faerie Door in accordance to your particular needs, wishes and goals. 


Each Door is a handmade piece of art. The doors are handcrafted from natural materials collected by myself. The materials may include: wood, bark, moss, pine cones, stones, feathers, sand, crystals or shells. I also paint, decorate and embellish the doors with metal and/or polymer clay decorations. 


The Faerie Doors are priced in accordance to size, type of Door and frame.

Each Door is signed by me and comes in an elegant organza bag containing also the Secret Seal and the Invocation to the benevolent Faerie connected with your Door, according to the ancient Tradition.*


The purchase of a Door includes a 30 minute online consultation with me. During the consultation you will learn the appropriate steps to align yourself and strongly connect with your Faerie Door, in order to get the best results. 

For some ideas and inspiration, you may view a list of some of the Fairy Doors here.

*All the secret Seals and other instructions accompanying the Faerie Door come directly from the works belonging to the authentic Esoteric Tradition. The information pertaining to the Tradition is kept in a corpus doctrinae which is several centuries old, integrated by instructions and notes by C. G. Leland and published by Pier Luca Pierini R. in  "Iniziazione alla Magia delle Fate" and in "Rituali e Incantesimi della Magia delle Fate" (Rebis - Italy). 

Discover more about the making of a Fairy Door HERE.

For all enquiries, or to order a Faerie Door or a Painting, please CONTACT ME or write to 

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